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Extracts from Rod Goodfellow's 1964 Club Diary

January 1st: 18 members saw in the New Year at Blackwell Cafe for a 5/- three course meal.... We dispersed at 1am.... most who were cycling were taken back to the club recorder's house, ostensibly for coffee but in reality to help move a large sodden carpet!

January 19th: First club run of the year...... 11 riders went to Stow on the Wold via Fish Hill and returned via Stratford & Alcester.

January 26th: Club run to Cleobury Mortimer for elevenses and Ludlow for lunch... return via cafe at Great Witley.... everyone home for tea.

February 2nd: Training run from Rednal to Tewksbury...... back via Worcester non-stop so Bob Foxall could get back in time for his daughter's Christening at 3pm..... The official club run from the Bell was poorly supported but as a photographer from the Bromsgrove Messenger turned up, the entire population of the president's house was dressed up appropriately and posed at the Bell.

February 16th: Training run to Ross on Wye..... elevenses at Ledbury..... it started raining coming over the Malverns and half the party headed home.... but the rest struggled on to Ross. Everyone came home for tea.

March 1st: We promoted the first of the BCRA road races ..... finishing at the top of Romsley.... conditions were very misty, damp and slippery.... The only good break of 6 with Les Ladbury & Rod Goodfellow was stopped by temporary lights at Halesowen and was caught by the bunch. A further break by Goodfellow and D Swapp of the Edgbaston was joined by D Butt who looked set to win, but Les Ladbury brought the bunch up to the break and then went on to win.

March 15th: Day of the Team Time was foul.... only six teams able to start. The Beacon B team of Foxall, Butt and O'Keefe won the event.

March 22nd: The club held a '25' on the Alcester Road... won by Les Ladbury in 1-3-19.... The event was followed by a club run to Welford on Avon and Alcester.

April 5th: A 50 in 4 left the Bell with 11 starters via Warwick, Southam and Wellesbourne, 9 riders being successful.... marred by an accident when Jean Clements went into a speed wobble while descending a hill near Stratford and finished up in a deep, damp ditch from which the combined efforts of Messrs De Mouilpied & Hopkins were needed to extract her. She was taken to Stratford hospital where she was found to have a broken arm.

April 19th: The club promoted an inter club M.T.T. with the Saracen's, Redditch and Thornhill clubs.

April 26th: Worcester CA '10' - Chris Goodfellow did 28.06 to June Pitchford's 26.10 finishing third.

May 2nd: Beacon Open Track Meeting (also FA Cup Final day).... 114 entrants for eight events.

May 10th: Mountain Time Trial (62 miles) won by John Monk (Solihull CC) in 2.56.18 .... climbing Ankerdine Hill in 3.47.

May 26th: Club Evening 10 - L Ladbury 24.06, M Foxall 24.15, D Butt 24.20, R Goodfellow 24.32, R Foxall 24.45, C Poole 24.56, C Skinner 25.35, P Ruff 25.46, R Shayes 26.08, A Reynolds 26.32, C Goodfellow 26.43,
A Nicholls 26.45 (1st hcap), J Bandy 27.07, P Rowe 27.45, O Hopkins 28.14, K Holmes 29.20, T White 29.35

June 1st: At a committee meeting it was decided not to run the Mountain Time Trial again due to waning support and continual financial losses. Chris Goodfellow tendered her resignation as Hon Gen Sec as she is joining Oldbury & Dist CC... prompted by lack of racing enthusiasm by lady members of the Beacon. Rod Goodfellow was persuaded to become Hon Gen Sec.

June 7th: National '25' Championship won by B Burton in 1-1-37, C Goodfellow did 1-9-47. In the Redditch RPCC '25' on K36 Rod Goodfellow 1-2-15, Bill Oakley 1-3-54 and club record holder Norman Adams came out of retirement to do a 1-7

June 14th: Club '25' Championship - R Goodfellow 1-1-21, W Oakley 1-2-8, L Ladbury 1-2-21, R Foxall 1-3-16,
D Butt 1-3-32, M Foxall 1-3-47, M O'Keefe 1-4-34, C Poole 1-4-53, J Arnold 1-7-24, A Nicholls 1-9-19,
S Oliver 1-9-20, J Bandy 1-18-35 (8 min late start)

July 5th: Beacon RCC held a 100 in 8 reliability trial on sunday.... a passing schoolboy careered into the ranks causing a pile up... minor cuts tended and one machine made roadworthy..... consequently there was only one successful finisher, the others were outside the time limit

July 12th: Club '100' Championship - B Foxall 4-31-23, R Goodfellow 4-34-43, L Ladbury 4-39-36......

July 19th: Club '50' Championship - R Goodfellow 2-7-17, R Foxall 2-10-15, M O'Keefe 2-13-59.....
Concorde RR won by Ken Haddon

August 30th: Newark Castle 100 - Les Ladbury & Rod Goodfellow rode but packed after 30 miles frozen in the thick mist and northerly wind.

September 4th: Les ran over a dog, fell off and broke his clavicle.

September 6th: Oldbury & Dist 12hr incorporating National Championship. Rod Goodfellow was the only Beacon rider .... finished 14th with 245.95 miles.

September 26th: Alan Reynolds married Miss Joan Turner at Hazelwell Methodist Church

September 29th: Stag party held at the Royal Oak, Catshill.... 12 members enjoyed a noisy evening.... mothers of young children complained of the noise next day.

October 3rd: Oscar Hopkins married Miss Nita Berry at Alveston near Stratford.

October 10th: Slide show at the club room attended by about 30 members and friends.

October 17th: James Arnold married Miss Jeane Boore in Northfield (newspaper photo of couple leaving church under an arch of bike wheels held aloft).

October 18th: Beacon RCC wins the team prize in the Oldbury Hill Climb, Gt Farley Wood. Afterwards seven members went to Shenstone for lunch to see Ian Shaw of the Speedwell in his successful attack on the MRRA Birmingham to Bristol and back. Tea taken at Blackwell.

October 31st - November 1st: 11 members rode to Cleeve Hill for a hostel weekend. At the hostel we took a young Swiss girl to the pub......

November 8th: Club run was to Ludlow but due to a misprint in the Birmingham Mail we had to delay the start and the 7 of us only made Cleobury Mortimer for lunch. Tea was taken at Clent.

November 14th - 15th: YHA weekend - 5 members set off to Ilan Hall near Ashbourne but due to the cafe at Yoxall being closed we had to do 50 miles before we got to a cafe.....

December 5th: Club dinner held at the Black Horse Hotel....

December 6th: AGM at Allens Cross... carried out in the usual manner with a break for tea and sandwiches before considering propositions.... this meeting will go down in the history of the Beacon as the one where some extremely harsh rulings came from the new Chairman which made us realise how lax things were becoming.

December 13th: Club run to Evesham... 3 members plus 2 guests from the Potteries CC who with Chris & Rod Goodfellow were apprehended by a policeman for not quite stopping at a halt sign on Icknield Street (they were subsequently fined 10/- each at Redditch Magistrates Court). The afternoon was spent traveling through Elmley Castle and Pershore....

December 20th: Four rode the Manchester TTA25..... The more socially minded members went to Catshill for lunch and the annual cyclists' sing song before going on to Clent where they were joined by the racing lads to form an 18 strong tea party at Mrs Beddall's. Nearly everyone then went to the Carol service at Clent Church.

December 26th: Boxing Day - three members braved the cold and rode to Kenilworth to watch a cyclocross and came home for lunch at about 3pm just in time to avoid a 6 inch snowfall.

December 27th: Deep snow. No run.

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