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Beacon Photo Archive & Memorabilia


1964 Club Diary of Rod Goodfellow


1966 Open Ladies 10 Miles & Mens 25 Miles Time Trials


January 1967 Newsletter (reviewing 1966)


December 1976 Newsletter (reviewing 1976)


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1. Rod Goodfellow & Les Ladbury (with Gil Taylor of Aston Fields in white hat) leading reliability trial to Llangollen and back in February 1961.


2. Club run near Alcester in 1960. Possibly Alan Smith in striped socks. Chris Goodfellow in foreground on right.

3. Crossing the Wye at a Welsh Bicknor weekend
Charlie Skinner unsuccessfully attempts to ride the rail while
Kevin Venables leads the way.


4. Hostel weekend, Welsh Bicknor 1961. Chris Goodfellow & Avril Clements sittng in background.

5. 1973 training run
Chris Goodfellow, June Pitchford, Jan Crowther & Ken Pitchford.


6. Club run in 1964.

7. North Worcs RC members on Club run to Clent - Winter 1960.


8. Club runs were often covered in the local press.

9. 1971 National 50 Team Champions
Chris Goodfellow, June Pitchford, Jan Crowther


10. Beacon LadiesTeam 1960s
June Pitchford, Maggie Gordon-Smith, JanCrowther, ChrisGoodfellow

11. 1964 Ladies Road Race Championships. Left to right: Rhiannon Balch (NorwichCC), Chris Goodfellow, Ann Horswell (Plymouth CC)

12. 1966 World Championships Womens Team. Left to right: Beryl Burton, Ann Horswell, Chris Goodfellow, Barbara Body & Kay Hawkins (Manager)


13. June Pitchford 1975 South Staffs 50


14. Chris Goodfellow 1966 10 mile TT

15. Jean Clements near the end of the 1962 "Weston and Back"


16. Rod & Chris Goodfellow 1973

17. Steve Faulkes Lichfield 25 approx 1968

18. Rod Goodfellow 1974 National Hill Climb


19. 12 hour TT Results sheet - August 1965
New club record set by Rod Goodfellow


20. 1972 Hill Climb
Rod Goodfellow, Colin Purdy, Dave Sinor

21. We didn't just cycle....


22. ....but were better staying upright on bikes

23. Front row: Alan Boden, Chris Goodfellow, ?, ?, Rod Goodfellow


24. Front row Bill Oakley, Pete Ruff, Chris Goodfellow, Mike Smith, Rod Goodfellow Back row: Derek Barton, Jeff Gould,
Mick O'Keefe,
Alf Howard, Steve Faulkes, Brian Jackson

25. Front: Roger Shayes, ?, Jack Clements, Alan Gayfer (Editor - Cycling), Dave Mason. Back: Oscar Hopkins), Jeff Gould, Brian Jackson, Rod Goodfellow, Jean Gould


26. Front: Eileen Poole, Jean Gould, Chris Goodfellow.
Back: Bob Foxall, Oscar Hopkins,Rod Goodfellow, Derek Reynlds, Harry Jackson (National Sprint Champion), Dave Mason,
Jeff Gould, Dave Barton, Steve Faulkes, Alec Pritchard

27. Jack Clements rides a Moulton at club dinner on its first public
viewing arranged by sales manager Dave Duffield.


28. Club Cross 1973

29. Christmas 10, Malvern 1964
Pete Ruff, Rod Goodfellow, Charlie Skinner


30. National 100, Essex 1973
Chris Goodfellow & Maggie Gordon-Smith

31. Douggie Wright & Derek Reynolds


32. Gordon Wright - Winnats 1970

33. Jeff Gould


34. Margaret Wright

35. 30 Mile Team Time Trial 1963
Alan Nicholls, Charlie Skinner, Chris Poole, Roger Shayes,
Jim Arnold, Chris Goodfellow, Jack Clements

36. 4-up TT 'A Team'
Mick Kedian, Barney May, Rod Goodfellow
Eddie Sumner, Jim Arnold, Mick DeMouilpied

37. Riders: Bill Oakle, BrianBarnes,
Mick O'Keefe, Mick Foxall

38. June Pitchford & Chris Goodfellow shortly after breaking
ladies tandem 30 mile competition record with 1-4-32 in
Beacon Open Tandem 30TT, Lichfield 20th May 1973


39. National 100 Ladies Championship 1972
Beacon take first 2 places and team prize

40. Jan Crowther 1974


41. Bill Oakley - Horseshoe Pass


42. Rod Goodfellow - Horseshoe Pass 1973

43. Frank Webb - Horseshoe Pass


44. Pete Ruff - Horseshoe Pass

45. Derek Barton - Horseshoe Pass


46. Jim Arnold - Horseshoe Pass

47. Roger Shayes - Horseshoe Pass


48. Open Ladies 10 1967 when the Dutch National RR team rode.
Riders (L-R) Inneke van Ijken, Chris Goodfellow, (Team manager Corrie van Damm), Jean Gould, Ali Zijlmans. Timekeeper Jack Clements

49. Tea at Great Alne - 1966
Doug Wright, Geoff Hall, Charlie Skinner,
Ray "Ginger" Stevens (Club Captain),
Chris Goodfellow, Derek Reynolds


50. Roger Shayes - 1972

51. Chris Goodfellow - National 100 (1971)


52. Chris Goodfellow - National 25 (1974)

53. Les Ladbury at CycloCross


54. Anne Ladbury

55. Mrs Beddals Cafe - Clent (early 1960s)
Pete Ruff, Gordon Wright, Chris Goodfellow, Margaret Wright, Jean Gould


56. Younger members (1960s)
Foreground left - right: Derek Barton, Steve Faulkes, Alec Pritchard

57. Beacon Open Team TT. Around about 1960. Rod Goodfellow leading Les Ladbury on his left and obscuring Brian Wilson

58. Brian Wilson, Club Hill Climb circa 1959. Watching are Pam and Nev Billington With Ann Wison.

59. Conker Competition circa 1960. Group close up. L to R, Ann Wilson, Mavis Williams, Les Williams, behind is Alan Nichols with Ann and Reg Webb to the rear. R foreground is the late Jim Arnold, [ founder member ] and behind him the late Mick DeMoulpied, and John Landreth.

60. Conker Competition circa 1960. Back row,L to R. ?.?. Alan Nichols, ?, Wendy Adams, Norman Adams,Reg Webb Ann Webb, Jim Arnold,? ?,?,?,?, Les Williams. Kneeling centre: Pam & Nev Billington;
Sitting: Mick Kedian, Mavis Williams, Ray Stevens, Ann Wilson,
John Landreth, Ken Coxon, Bill Oakley,

61. The Tramps Run, Circa 1957. Photo taken outside the cast iron Gents Toilet then situated at Rubery tram terminus. Rear L to R. ?, Oscar Hopkins, Tony Webb, ?, Nev Billington, Centre, Avril Clements, ?, Alan Nichols, Brian Barnes, ?, John Landreth. Front, Bill Oakley, Mick DeMoulpied,?,

62. Club run group taken near Bewdley. L to R, Sheila Shayes, Mick DeMoulpied behind, Ann Wilson, Jean Clements,?,?, Oscar Hopkins.

63. Group heading to the 1956 bonfire weekend at Lyonshall Youth Hostel.

64. David Duffield, Jim Arnold, Norman Adams and Brian Wilson in Trier, Germany, in 1955.

65. Bill Oakley, Norman Adams and Brian Wilson after the Wyndham RCC Open 25 on 6th July 1958 in which they were the fastest team with a combined time of 3-1-34. Norman was the winner with 58-9 and Bill and Brian achieved 1-1-54 and 1-1-31 respectively.

66. Trike run was taken outside the Crown & Sceptre Hotel in Ross on Wye about 1956/7. L to R: Brian Wilson Eddy Sumner, Taffy Thomas, Norman Adams, David Duffield, Stan Wood, Mick DeMoulpied and Joe Gillespie

67. Brian Wilson in the National Hill Climb Championship on Saintbury Hill on 23 October 1960

68. Norman Adams and Brian Wilson competing in possibly the first Open Team TT to be held in this country. The other members not shown were Bill Oakley and Frank Webb. Beacon RCC were the promoters and had the winning team.

69. Prize winners at the Clubs 10th anniversary dinner in 1956. Men L to R, Norman Adams, John Chance (winner of the Mountain TT), Brian Wilson, David Duffield, Neville Billington, Keith Potter, Jim Arnold. Ladies L to R, Mrs V. Hill Coventry CC (winner of Ladies Open 50), Heather Duffield, Mavis Deathridge, Pam Raggett, Pat Crisp

70. Easter tour in North Wales around 1959 L to R, Pam Bourne, Ann Wilson, Mavis Williams, Margaret Webb, Brian Wilson, Frank Webb and Les Williams.

71. The finish of a TTT (date unknown) with Norman Adams followed by Geoff Gould, Brian Wilson and Frank Webb.

72. Evening club run to the Leamington Lights which ended in the bar of the Globe, Warwick. L to R are Keith Potter, Brian Richardson, Mick Demoulpied , Bob Page [ Saracen RC ], Peter Languard, Alan Nichols, and Ken Coxon

73. Keith Potter, Alan Nichols, Nev Billington and Marie Baldarrow at Mickleton

74. The roads were rough in those days. L to R. ?,? Keith Potter,Nev Billington,?,?, Tony Webb

75. Brian Wilson in the National Championship Hill Climb held on 23rd October 1960

76. W.C.A, annual dinner at the Blue Gates Hotel, Smethwick c1955. L-R: Brian Wilson, David Duffield, Sheila Ragget [ later Shayes ], Norman Adams and Neville Smith

77. Annual dinner c1955 at The Bournebrook Hotel in Selly Oak. Right foreground is Keith Edwards who was the reporter for The Birmingham Evening Dispatch and who was involved in cycling in the Midlands. Facing Keith on the other side of the table is Stan Wood a great supporter and Club timekeeper. Mick DeMoulipied at the end of the table is caught with closed eyes. Behind Mick head is Colin Coupland and next to him Bill Glaze, both of the Warwickshire Road Club.

78. 10th Anniversary Dinner in 1956. Prominent in the left foreground are Peter & Shirley Prestcott, On the top table is Jack Clements with his wife Jean. On Jean's left is Phil Brown the then Chairman and on Jacks right is Alan Tomkins who was a prominent midlands timekeeper and a guest at the Dinner. On the far right is Norman Adams and behind him Peter McHugh

79. An Annual Dinner from the late 1950's at the Black Horse Hotel.

80. Brian Wilson, riding at the time, for Saracen RC in the 1954 Saracen Championship 25 in which he was 2nd to Barry Freeman a well known Midland time trialist.

81. Kellogg's Tour of Britain 1988. L-R Andrene Skinner, Jim Arnold, Nita Hopkins, Jean Arnold, Dave Cox, Oscar Hopkins

82. Holt Fleet, September 1996. L-R Ricky Campbell, Phil Colman, Dan Mayho, Oscar Hopkins

83. June 1983 in Northfield Park.
Charlie Skinner - John Marshall
Richard Steel - Dean Baker - Jack Clements
Alan Reynolds - Tony Webb - Ian Swapp - Peter Ryan - Dennis Baker
Dave Hughes - Lynn Ryan - Diane Hopkins - Steve Chiswell
Trevor Shipway - Roger Shayes - Oscar Hopkins - John Green - Pat Baker

84. Oscar Hopkins and Alan Nicholls at the Vine Inn, Clent 1963

85. Ken Coxson - Vine inn, Clent

86. Royal Oak, Catshill. Mick De Mouilipied, Jeanne Clements, Ken Coxson, Dave Cane, Liz Stevens, Pet McHugh, Oscar Hopkins, Ray Stevens, Les Ladbury, Bill Oakley

87. 50th Anniversary celebration in 1996. Ron Green, Dennis Baker, John Green, Harry Morris, John Green, Jim Arnold, Peter Baker

88. Founder member John Green with his collection of legs

89. Steve Jones at a professional race in Harrogate during the 1980s

90. JIm & Jean Arnold and Oscar & Diane Hopkins

91. Oscar Hopkins, John Pottier, Dennis Webb and Phil Colman going for a MTB ride in AUgust 2005

92. Tony Webb & Bob Reynolds - Two-up 25 on K16 in the 1960s

93. John Hitchcock in "Dark Horse" 1981

94. Dr Geoff Howell (Warwick University Professor of Aerodynamics) and John Hitchcock help Tony Webb & Dave Hughes prepare to demonstrate "Flying Greenhouse" at Herne Hill in 1981

95. Tony Webb & Dave Hughes demonstrating "Flying Greenhouse" at Herne Hill in 1981

96. Trevor Bull & Dave Hughes throw Tony Webb & John Hitchcock into action at the Isle of Wight Human Powered Criterium 1983

97. Tony Webb & John Hitchcock on the way to winning the Isle of Wight Human Powered Criterium in 1983

98. Tony Webb & Dave Hughes at the Astro Clear Challenge 1980 (Fastest European Team)

99. Tony Webb & Dave Hughes at the Human Powered World Chamionships Los Angeles 1981 (2nd place in road race)

100. Line-up for the distance event at a 1980s club track championships

101. 1980s track championships, L-R: Tony Webb, Dave Sinar, John Hitchcock, Richard Steele, Steve Chiswell

102. Martin Gledhill & John Hitchcock

103.Tony Webb & John Hitchcock - Isle of Wight 1983

104. Tony Webb in a 1960s Mountain Time Trial at Stanford on Teme

105.Celebrating riding the "Dark Horse" to Harrogate for Sport Aid 1984

106. Tony Webb riding an evening 25 in the 1960s

107. Tony Webb at Salford Park

108. Nigel Price & Tony Webb

109. Eddie Sumner

110. Brian Wilson at the 1955 National Hill Climb Championship held at Holly Lane, Ambergate

111. Brian Wilson on the start line of a time trial in the 1960's

112. David Duffield, Jim Arnold, Mick De Moulipied and Brian Wilson on a trip to watch the end of the 1955 Tour de France following David's ride in the Mersey 24.

113. David Duffield's trike attracted a lot of attention from the French locals who believed that the Brits were mad.

114. The French pavé which resulted in David Duffield's trike taking a battering.

115. Damage to David Duffield's trike was rectified by a mechanic at a small French garage with an excellent brazed repair.

116. Late 1950s prize presentation. Left to right: Back - Bill Oakley, John Perks, Norman Adams, Oscar Hopkins, Alan NIcholls, Reg Webb,
Dave Duffield, Frank Hollis, Mick Kedian. Front - Pam Billingham, Pauline Terry, Shirley Prescott



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