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Sunrise & Snowdrop Express Audaxes - Saturday, 24th February 2018

The Beacon RCC February Audaxes are an institution on the Audax calendar, attracting 260 entries each year. The routes use quiet country roads through rural Worcestershire to Evesham and Upton. A gritted alternative is also available if icy.

We aim to find easy routes on quiet country roads that all cyclists could be confident of completing, even on a chilly winter's day when nobody is at their fittest!

For some riders our event provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy rural Worcestershire on a crisp winter's day. For others it provides the perfect motivation to get out with friends when they might otherwise be tempted to stay indoors. In recent years we have also been delighted to welcome several local racing men and women who used it for steady winter training.


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Sunrise Express



Snowdrop Express



We hope you find everything you need to know about the Beacon's February Audaxes in these pages. If you have any further questions please contact the organiser below. For details of what an Audax ride entails see our description of audaxes.

In the case of icy conditions on minor roads we make routesheets for alternative treated roads available. If the event has to be cancelled due to exceptionally dangerous conditions, riders will be allowed to complete the route under 'permanent audax' conditions on any day during the following 6 weeks. In the unlikely case of event cancellation, riders will be allowed to complete the route under 'permanent audax' conditions during a few weeks after the event date and a charitable donation made of any surplus resulting from the cancellation.

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