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Time Trial Courses

The following courses are used by Beacon RCC for club and open time trials. The courses are referred to in the Club TT Calendar by their code numbers.



START on A442 at telegraph pole on grass verge at south end of lay-by adjacent to the entrance to Ikon Trading Estate. Ride south (A442). At island junction with Pointon Way encircle island to retrace (A442). FINISH at triple inspection cover in A442 about 20 yds before Rylands Lane.



Start on A422 Alcester to Worcester road at white line marked 25S at field gate entrance approximately 30 yards before T junction left to Knighton. Ride west (A422) 0 2 SP 016 578 Continue through Inkberrow village 3 SO 906 538 At island junction with A4538 (Spetchley) take the second exit (A422) 10.82 4 SO 881 541 At island junction with A4440 (Nunnery way) encircle island and retrace (A422) 12.44 5 SO 906 539 At Spetchley island take second exit (A422) 14.06 6 SP 051 572 Finish at at the bottom of the hill west of the junction with the A441 at white line adjacent to metalled track / cattle grid entrance



Start on bridge on A435 at the Gorcott turn at end of bridge railings approx 100 yards before Wapping Lane proceed down sliproad to join A435 heading towards M42 at Cross & Bowling Green exit the A435 and proceed to island and take 2nd exit heading towards Beoley Village go through Beoley Village to climb out of Beoley at junction with Icknield Street turn left and then after a further 200yds at junction with Paper Mill Drive turn left again proceed through mini island (2nd exit) to next island and take 1st exit then after approx 400yds take sliproad to filter back onto the A435 carriageway at top of hill take sliproad signposted Ullenhall to finish at bridge railings opposite the start approx 100 yards past Wapping Lane



Start in 3rd layby on Bromsgrove Highway A448 approx 1 miles from A38/A448 Roundabout at Bromsgrove end of Highway Proceed towards Redditch and exit at 1st sliproad signposted Tardebigge at island take 3rd exit and proceed over bridge to rejoin A448 carriagway heading back to Bromsgrove to finish at last layby approx mile before Finstall slip road exit



Start in u/c road, 200 yds SE of Shell Ford. Proceed SE/E through Stock Green then L into Middle Road, then take 2nd L through Bradley Green to jctn with B4090. L along B4090 through Hanbury. Take 2nd L into Goosehill Lane and continue to Crowle where Left into Church Road and continue to Broughton Hackett where Left to join A422. Follow A422 via Upton Snodsbury and Flyford Flavell. Left into u/c road leading to Stock Green, to finish 400 yds before T jctn. Total distance 20 Miles.



Start on B4088 (Redditch - Evesham road) south of Dunnington crossroads at gully grating to south side of lane on left and opposite signpost to Dunnington village. Ride southwards (B4088). At Norton island junction take first exit to island junction with A46 (Evesham - Alcester road) take first exit (A46). At south Alcester island (Little Chef) take second exit (A435). Finish before river Arrow at first gully grating to surfaced driveway on left by 5-barred gate with notice "ATCL fishing - private". Total distance 10 Miles.



Start in Umberslade Road 1 meter East of junction with Tithe Barn lane. Turn left (Tithe Barn Lane) 0 2 SP 118 719 At Junction with B4101 (Broard Lane) turn left (B4101) 3 SP 146 725 At first junction on left Turn left (Cut Throat lane) 4 SP 131 731 over M42 bridge 5 SP 126 734 At junction with Tithe Barn lane Turn left 6 SP 123 730 Finish at Cross roads sign 50 meters before junction with Umberslade Rd 4.5 7 SP 123 730 At junction with Umberslade Rd turn left to start 2nd lap 8 SP 123 730 Finish at Cross roads sign 50 meters before junction with Umberslade Rd



Start on B4088 (Redditch - Evesham road) at last gully grating at south end of first lay-by south of Dunnington crossroads. Ride south. At Norton island junction take second exit (B4088). At Lenchwick island junction with A4184 encircle island; taking fourth exit; to retrace (B4088). At Norton island Keep straight on; first exit; (B4088). Finish about 150 yards past start point opposite south end of grey horticultural sales shed and 40 yards before "Weathercock" sign on right.



Start between Belbroughton and Romsley on lane adjacent to Great Farley Wood, at entrance to bridge at Sling Common. Ride up hill to Finish at road sign near to caravan park approaching road junction by Romsley water tower.










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