Steve Abraham’s attempt to beat the 1939 record for the greatest distance cycled in a year begins today. Steve is a stalwart of the Audax scene.

Whilst we can’t all emulate this ride, you can set your own targets for the year and they should include at least one Audax ride.

If you have never done an Audax then the Cotswold Outing is a great first Audax.

For those with a little more ambition the Cotswold Journey would be a great way to do your first hundred mile ride (a special marker for any UK cyclist).

For those with a serious ambition in distance cycling then the Cotswold Expedition, at just over 200 km, is a full Audax distance in a slightly tighter time scale.

All the rides are an ideal way for you and your family to have a great day out on the bike, with friendly fellow enthusiasts and good food included at the end of the ride.


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