West Midlands Cyclo Cross League


The final points tables for the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League are now available here

Beacon riders took part in higher numbers than in any season before. Particularly welcome were the Academy members, some riding their second year but most riding for the first time.

Beacon had boys and girls racing in the famous tricolor club jersey from ages 6 -60.

Whilst the league has now finished until next year there are still a few opportunities to race. The LVRC championship is local this year 28th December 2017 at Adventure Centre Warwick 

See the BC site for other local races and hopefully some summer cross racing.

If you are interested in racing, cycle cross, track or road racing then please come along to the informal club racing and coaching social

Under 8     Position       Points

Oliver Durose                 11                                   623

Henry Egan                     15                                   528

Louie Kennedy                   *

Under 10

Joseph Egan                    9                                     553

Asleigh Kennedy            * 

Senior / V40 Men

Roger Cutler                   23                                   426

James Tate                      91                                   103

Stuart White                   33                                  246

Gary Mackingtosh        101                                 42

Alberto Recchioni          59                                  70


Helen Jamieson              15                                500

Gemma Johnson       *

Tessa Oelofse               *


Adrien Ravenscroft       66                                  296

Pete Marshall               107                                  155

Nicholas Vipond          111                                 123

Stephen  Croggon        112                                 113

  • Riders not entered into league before closing date can enter races but not score points.

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