Track Championship and Interclub Track Championship


Two important, but still provisional, dates for all Beaconites .

The club track championship will be on 23 June 2018, see this Facebook event.

The inter club track championship will be on 14 July 2018 see this Facebook event.

Both events will be afternoons at the Halesowen Manor Stadium.

Ade Ravenscroft, our Academy chief and track racing captain is organising these events. Please use the Facebook event to ask questions and keep in touch whilst they are finalised.


Before these events we will be organising at least one track coaching session at Halesowen. This will include sessions for all age groups and a session to assist those who have never raced on a track to have a go on a track bike.

All Beacon members can take part in the Beacon track championship. Halesowen track, or national track accreditation may be required for those racing fixed wheel at the Inter Club event.

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