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by DavOz
07 May 2019 17:00
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 5th May
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Re: Club runs - 5th May

That's right Dave, Derek led a nice 30 mile ride to Earlswood at a good pace with
Siobhan McKay, my daughter
and me.
by DavOz
08 Apr 2018 20:58
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 8th April
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Re: Club runs - 8th April

Thanks Simon for a great C ride :D
Was worried that having not ridden much due to rain, sleet and snow that I'd not make the distance. But enjoyed it and legs OK when got home, and 13.7mph average!
by DavOz
20 Aug 2017 16:17
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 20th August
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Re: Club runs - 20th August

C run to Charlecote.
David Little (leading)
Adrian McHugh
Mel Kavanagh
Mark McConkey

Surprisingly straightforward run.
Thanks for putting up with my (usual) stop at Earlswood Lakes for a banana & short break :-)
by DavOz
30 Apr 2017 17:59
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 30th April
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Got stuck behind a line of cars while one waited to turn right for a while.
Tried a few roads to see if I could see the group but couldn't. So after waiting a bit decided to wander down the lanes to Gaudet Luce. So no problem.
Sorry for delaying you all.

David Little
by DavOz
02 Apr 2017 15:16
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 2nd April
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Today's IC run to Drotwich
Dave Little (L)
Jon Griggs
Rus Shah
Not sure if this was supposed to be an intro ride or C run!
As I was volunteered at the Black Horse I hadn't checked the cafe so we looped round Julie's & Lin's to finally have coffee & beans on toast at Gaudet Luce.
by DavOz
05 Jan 2017 21:05
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 8th January
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A gentle C run sounds good! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up given I've only been doing short runs on the recumbent trike to avoid ice over Xmas.
by DavOz
14 Nov 2016 19:42
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club Runs - 13th November
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Thanks Pete for a good C run. Nice route and good that I was allowed to escape up Chapmans Hill :lol:
by DavOz
12 Jul 2015 20:45
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs 12th July
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Thanks for a great ride Steve.

My previous long rides were 60 miles, so I wondered how I'd cope with 100 miles. The excellent route with no nasty hills and perfect pace made it a great ride & I can still walk!