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by neil_evanson
04 Aug 2019 19:55
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club Runs - 4th August
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Re: Club Runs - 4th August

C - Ride to Croome Park. Big thank you to George for leading 6 none 100 mile riders out to Croome Park on his route out to 100 mile first stop. Had no issues on return and can report also a good disciplined group of riders back to B/H. Riders in alphabetical order-: Finbarr Costigan Neil Evanson (L...
by neil_evanson
27 May 2019 12:29
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 26th May
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Re: Club runs - 26th May

After a quick group discussion I took the decision to Compromise & lead the C run for the "Good of the Club I love" *...) We headed off on a new route to Lavender Hall but suffered with a Garmin GPS gremlin just the other side of Earlswood. With the group in deadlock Richard Chaplin crashed us out o...
by neil_evanson
12 May 2019 16:42
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club Runs - 12th May
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Re: Club Runs - 12th May

On today's sunny 51 mile C run to Hilliers Cafe with no incidents to report were.

Neil Evanson (Leader)
Wayne Gibbs
Cedric Gioan
Dave Little (Rear Gunner)
Geoff - The flying jacket - Mann

Thank you guys for the great ride out in the sun,
by neil_evanson
15 Jul 2018 17:13
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 15th July
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Re: Club runs - 15th July

Also small C run group today with just 7 riding out to Hillers Garden Cafe

Neil Evanson (L)
Mark McConey
Mark (No eggs) Gardner
Mat (sausage & eggs) Jones
Adrian McHugh
Welcome Gary Thompson (New Rider)
Dave Little

Route was fast with an avg speed of 24-25kph avg...well done to all B runs beckon.
by neil_evanson
22 Apr 2018 18:43
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 22nd April
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Re: Club runs - 22nd April

The riders on the Beacon C ride to Lavender Hall Fishery were as follows. Nathan Burton Neil Evanson (1st time Leader) Dave (Hutch) Hutchines Nick Lelliott (New Rider) Dave Little Adrian Mchugh Mark Russell David Stephenson Will Woodhouse Welcome to Nick who rode with us to the cafe & then headed ba...
by neil_evanson
07 Jan 2018 10:15
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 7th January
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Re: Club runs - 7th January

Braved the icy conditions upto the BH for the C-ride Si Turner, Colin Hall & Adrian Ravenscroft also stayed upright to the BH. Made collective discussion to call off the C-ride due to the poor road conditions. - Thanks Pete for offering to lead this weeks C-ride. Si tried to contact you Pete but suf...