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by DaleF
29 Jan 2017 22:37
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: 500kms Club Run
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gmac wrote:Possible depending on fitness.
Thinking the same! :P
by DaleF
03 Jul 2016 21:39
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 3rd July
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Thanks for the B Ride, shame we got separated after the tire slash!

Was fun with Nick & Andy W, although Andy had plans to kill me off with hills.
by DaleF
21 Feb 2016 17:42
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 21st February
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Thanks for Andy for leading the C, was another great ride.
by DaleF
06 Feb 2016 23:56
Forum: Audaxes & Cyclosportives
Topic: Mad March Hare Sportive
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Managed to get in with a friend, how many Beacon will be there? :D
by DaleF
06 Feb 2016 23:07
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 7th February
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Not been out with you lot for a few weeks! :shock:

Think I'll jump onto the B wagon to spice it up.


Got called out for work instead... safe riding.
by DaleF
08 Nov 2015 19:59
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 8th November
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Thanks John for the C ride, was a great route just a shame we can't do much with the weather, just after me and Jordan left you on the way home the heavens opened and soaked me before I arrived at my door. :(

Another good ride.