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by mouthonastick
12 Jun 2016 17:22
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 12th June
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2 lessons learnt for me: DON'T overcook it on a 20% decline going into a sharp left-hander, and DO carry spares, tubes, tools etc (tubeless sealant won't fix a 5mm cut apparently!) Thanks to Neil, Joe and Chris for helping me patch up. The spill was my fault entirely as I had taken the lead at that ...
by mouthonastick
15 May 2016 14:21
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 15th May
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Thanks for the great welcome and encouragement on this mornings B run. Paid my dues by Paypal on return, so look forward to meeting up again next week.

Is it 8.15 or 9.15 start???

by mouthonastick
07 Feb 2016 20:48
Forum: Club Runs
Topic: Club runs - 7th February
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Thanks to Colin and all the folks on todays B (for Biathlon - cycling and swimming) run to to Kenilworth. First 100km ride for me!