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Posted: 19 Oct 2022 13:34
by George
Every year, members' racing and other achievements are recognised with trophies and awards in a wide variety of fields. This year's awards will be presented at the Annual Dinner on 19 November. For details, see ... sentation/

Sometimes, riders do really impressive things that don't qualify them for any of the club's established awards. In recent years, for example, we've had Gavin Giles winning medals at various Transplant Games, and Anne Hughes winning a string of national and world triathlon medals. When club members do things like that, the club likes to recognise their performances with special achievement medals.

Have you done anything that might warrant a special achievement medal? Can you think of anyone else that has? Please let us know asap, and NO LATER THAN 28 OCTOBER. In most cases, the committee will already know, but it's good to make sure. You can DM me via this platform, or e-mail me (george [at] beaconrcc [dot] org [dot] uk). Alternatively, you can send word via another club committee member. If anything's unclear, reply to this post.

The full list of club trophies is available here: ... s-2022.pdf