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Post by AdeR » 07 Jul 2023 10:47

Dear all. I received communication this morning that there is ‘a problem with the field this morning as last night approximately 25 caravans have gained access to the site. The process is in motion to have them removed but from prior experience this will take a few days and then there will be a clean-up operation.’ It is with great regret that we have to make the decision to postpone tomorrow’s National and Regional Championships. Notification of alternative arrangements will be made through BSCA and Beacon channels: and our Facebook page. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused and disappointment to all the young riders as a result of these events beyond our control.
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Post by George » 08 Jul 2023 09:05

That's a great shame, Ade -- for the kids who were looking forward to it and the parents who will have made travel arrangements, but also for you after all the time and effort you put into organising and publicising the event. How on earth did the travellers gain access? I seem to recall there being only one gate, which is normally locked. Twenty-five caravans and tow vehicles don't just cruise around in the vague hope of finding a suitable spot to make camp -- they must have known in advance how to gain access.

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Post by BrumJim » 08 Jul 2023 14:01

There is a gate, but last year there was at least one session where we turned up to find the gate still shut and locked.

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