Yes, more doping stuff to discuss...

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Yes, more doping stuff to discuss...

Post by rdleaper » 21 Nov 2014 12:49

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Post by petemarshall » 21 Nov 2014 15:04

The passport scheme is open to constant legal challenges and jus reinforces the idea that testing and punishing cheats will prevent doping.

If people are serious about adressing the use of performance enhancing substances in cycling (other sports are beyond redemption at present) then the win at all costs culture needs to be changed. This can only be done by teams taking an active lead in preventing riders even considering using or feeling pressurised to use enhancements.
The Movement for Credible cycling is at least attempting to do this despite being attacked by journalists and pros who wish to maintain the status quo.

The blatant use of EPO and transfusion may have declined in recent seasons but has not gone away. The 2013 Vuelta result was a blatant example and journalists on the whole followed the miracle result of the old guy story as sheep like as they followed the miracle story in the 1999 TdF.

The continued use of steroids, legally under TUE's caused a storm in France but was completely ignored in the UK with many journalists resorting to the same"France has got it in for our cyclists"as used by LA back in the day.

Honest reporting would help. Even this report goes straight to Dave Brailsford without asking him any questions about drug use in Sky and the negative effects that legal use of performance enhancing substances by young cyclists may have on their future attitudes and expectations.

Ever since I have followed the Pro scene (the 1982 tour was my first exposure) drugs in one way or another have played a role in cycling. From the development of rEPO in the late 80's it became virtually impossible to win a major tour without it's use and after 1999 even being a domestique in a major tour was going to need EPO or transfusions. Steroids for recovery and pain management have become so routine that it is now largely sanctioned by the use of TUE'S.

I don't think many cyclists want it to be this way. I don't think many of them would dream of using drugs unless it was seen as the right thing to do for the team and their career. Only teams themselves can change this.

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Post by Tim » 14 Dec 2014 17:26

Anyone else catch the Cookson on radio 5 earlier being interviewed about Astana? Thought he was honest and spoke a lot of sense and the interviewer asked some tough questions.

Interesting point about how all the Wada and UCI rules are about individuals being guilty and are punished as individuals and so legally punishing teams is tricky and European employment law plays a part.

He also made the correct point that riders like Nibali and the sponsors and manufacturers should consider whether it is morally correct and good for the sport to be riding for / supporting teams like Astana and Vino.

The licensing of Astana is not a done deal by the sound of it

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