Road/circuit race reports 2018

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Road/circuit race reports 2018

Post by laurence_cooley » 12 Mar 2018 17:17

I raced for the first time in 2018 at Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday. It was all going well until 40 minutes in, when someone tried to squeeze up the inside of another rider ahead of me, they tangled bars and a whole bunch of us came down. Cue lots of road rash for me. :cry: I'd driven there as I was on my way to visit my mum for the rest of the weekend, and it did make me wonder about the wisdom of travelling to races alone - I was OK to drive afterwards, but driving back to Birmingham yesterday evening wasn't all that comfortable.

Gavin got on much better up north, with 6th place in a 2/3 crit.

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Re: Road/circuit race reports 2018

Post by GavPass » 16 Apr 2018 12:37

Couple of races in the last two weeks.

Laurence, Stu, John and I got involved in the 3rds and also the 3/4ths races at Birmingham Business Park. Both were active races with Beacon riders up the road, but not able to make anything stick. In the end I got 10th in the first and 12th in the second, with John picking up 20th and 15th.

John and I also raced yesterday at the Two Counties RR. John was in good form and was active throughout (I was mostly sitting at the back wondering why I didn't look at the course profile before turning up). First of three climbs up to the finish split the bunch in half with John near the front, and me picking my way through to just about get on the back of the front group. Two riders managed to stay away in the end with the final climb coming together and taking up the whole road with little room to move up. John ended up 11th, missing out on the points despite deserving more for his efforts throughout the race... I ended up further back in the bunch in 29th feeling happy that I managed to finish.

Darley Moor next Saturday for me... anyone else racing this week?

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Re: Road/circuit race reports 2018

Post by Tim » 17 Apr 2018 09:12

Joseph 12th on Sunday at Shrewsbury in the under 10s. Any parents interested in their child giving one of the West Midlands Youth Circuit League races a go get in touch and I can send you dates and locations, hard to find on BC website. ... t-races-1/
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