Friday Night Track League 3rd July

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Friday Night Track League 3rd July

Post by AdeR » 04 Jul 2015 10:54

A good night's racing with a good series of races to encourage attacking racing. I was really pleased to see Steve Croggan heading toward signing on. The first race of the night was a 12 lap points. Me and Steve attacked immediately after the first sprint and got away in a group of three then four riders. Unfortunately you don't get a scoreboard so I can't be exact but I think I got 2nd and Steve 3rd. Subsequent events have blitzed the braincells that should have recalled the Unknown Distance result. I think I was in the top 3. The Vets Ladies 4 lap ended in a beacon 1 2 with Steve coming off my wheel in the home straight to take it. In the final race of the night - 25 lap As and Bs mixed - I got away early with A cat riders and similar to last week gained half a lap quickly. When I got shelled I swung up to see Matt out of the Halesowen had got away too. We worked together for 5 or 6 laps until we were joined by Jack Hibberd. The odd number meant that we could now take turns into the wind and we were now gaining ground on the chasing group of B cats. I latched on to the back of the A cats as they lapped us in an attempt to get away from Matt and Jack and got away for a couple of laps before I got shelled again. I then regrouped with them and held on to claim 3rd place; a good 3/4 lap ahead of the rest of the Bs. A good night.

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Post by steviecrog » 05 Jul 2015 19:10

I took that B cat Unkown Distance race Adrian, do you remember it was a bit unusual in that we were mixed with the A cats due to the delay caused by the young girls fall
It was good nights racing. It's been a while since the Beacon had an impact like this at Halesowen, and makes a nice change from Wolverhampton, especially on a sunny eve.
The Friday Night Track League offers a good evening of free entertainment for any Beaconites who fancy watching some lively racing with a pint or a cuppa, especially in the evening sunshine, would you not agree Adrian?

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