Stourbridge Reliability Ride

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Stourbridge Reliability Ride

Post by dannewns » 09 Jan 2017 09:45

Hi all,

not sure if this is in the correct place but I took part in the Stourbridge Reliability Ride on the weekend, I saw one beacon Jersey there not sure who it was and I didnt get a chance to say hello at the end.

I have one quick question I thought the event was really good the course was great but I saw something happen during the event which put a dampner on it for me and im wondering if I should make a formal complaint to the organisers or let them know about it at least.

I was riding in a group of 3 people sat in the middle of the pack we had just tackled the difficult hill on the course and were now on the flat so picking up page, we came over the top of a hill to see a pack of cyclist stopped in the road there must have been about 10 and they were literally side by side blocking half the road.

Now these were cyclist from a club as they all had club jerseys on im not going to mention the club name but they were literally taking up half of the road we were on and to make matters worse there was a car coming in the other direction so the guy ahead shouted out of the road (Im not 100% sure if he swore as well) but he did shout they reluctantly moved very slowly just in time for us to come through. As we passed they did shout some abuse back.

so we carried on for around a mile or two then the 10 cyclist caught us up and basically boxed in the guy ahead of me by one going ahead of him and the other to his right hand side, the guy who boxed him in on the front basically started hurling abuse at him for shouting at him to get out of the road.

I would say this went on for about a minute they then pulled on ahead, it was disgusting behaviour in my opinion and to make matters worse the point that they stopped at that they were taking up half the road they could have been off the road as it was the start of a very wide drive that they could have gone onto.

I guess my main question is who was in the right, should they have been spread out perhaps 4/5 aside on the road or should they have been single file if they had stopped?


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Re: Stourbridge Reliability Ride

Post by Philip Whiteman » 09 Jan 2017 14:10

The Highways Code provides guidance.

Section 66: "You should not ride more than two abreast".

Section 70: "just as there are parking rules for vehicles, there are also ones for cyclists. You should always aim to use cycle stands of cycle parking facilities wherever possible and avoid leaving your bike where it would cause an obstruction or hazard to others."

Section 67: "be aware of traffic coming up from behind you".

There have been a couple of reported instances in the past where riders from a large and well known West Midlands based club hurled abuse at one of our club run riders for overtaking. Our presumption is that our manoeuvre offended the prowess and dignity. Whilst the abuse was an irritant to the Beacon riders, no formal complaints were raised and the events were just added to the memory of bemusing incidents. Both incidents occurred some years ago.

With regard to your incident, my advice is raise the matter directly with the secretary of SCC. I am assuming that other riders will have reported the incident either formally or informally. They can then raise the matter directly with errant club involved.

Club run riders blocking the road is not really acceptable although it does happen and we are probably all guilty of that offence. It often occurs whilst waiting for a peer who is sorting out a mechanical problem. Nonetheless it is not good practice. So any complaint has to acknowledge has to accept that the reliability riders should slow in order to endanger other road users. From the club run riders' perspective, all they would have witnessed is a group of other cyclists piling down on them at speed which is probably the cause of their anxiety. If any complaint is raised, then it should focus upon the later boxing of your group and the verbal abuse.

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Post by CakeStop » 09 Jan 2017 17:22

Blocking the road may be prattishness but I'd be more upset by the ganging up and abusing another cyclist while riding on the road. I think I'd be more inclined to complain to the club involved and maybe copy in the organiser.
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Post by George » 10 Jan 2017 10:10

It sounds as if the club group was initially riding inconsiderately. And their subsequent behaviour was definitely out of order.

However, they probably weren't aware of the little group coming up behind, and, when a largish group forms on an ad hoc basis with no designated leader, it can be difficult to make everyone behave in an orderly way. Someone slows on the front and you get bunching, or whatever. Therefore, a little patience and courtesy on the part of the little group would have been in order. On the road and in life generally, "Get out of the *%~* road!" invites confrontation and retaliation, whereas "Excuse us lads, can we come through? Thanks and have a good ride!" encourages cooperation and respect.

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Post by Tim » 10 Jan 2017 10:29

Avoiding swearing is something I am trying to work on myself! but is tricky when heart rate is at 160+ and someone's being selfish or putting you in danger. They were bit in wrong blocking road but if there's been a **flat** or mechanical or pee stop every club or group ride can be guilty of that, one of your group then swore (understandably) creating the reaction that was out of order, although they may say they were abused first. Two lessons for every rider: avoid swearing, pull right over when stopped.

If the response was over the top which sounds like it then yes I'd report to either organiser or directly to club and copy in organiser.
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