Thicknal Lane

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Matt Hale
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Thicknal Lane

Post by Matt Hale » 29 Jun 2020 00:29

Returning from Kinver direction towards Clent today on a much used route via Caunsall and Churchfield...upon reaching the end of Stakenbridge Lane at the Junction with A456 (Kidderminster Rd S), the entrance to Thicknall Lane has been made a 'No Entry'. There were concrete barriers at the junction, although we rode round them and carried on (just about room for a bike to pass). Not sure why, but seems permanent (no entry signs either side of road, mounted on fixed posts). Don't know why this couldn't have been made into a bike lane! :x


I generally prefer to try and abide by Traffic Signs and ignoring this might not look great on a club run. Returning via Broome might be worth considering

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Re: Thicknal Lane

Post by laurence_cooley » 29 Jun 2020 09:04

It looks like the council experimented with this back in December: ... rder_2019/. Presumably they decided to make it permanent.

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Re: Thicknal Lane

Post by petemarshall » 30 Jun 2020 19:36

I (who lives nearby) and everyone I know, regularly ignores this as alternative routes put a cyclist in far more danger.
This is one of the best quiet ways avoiding main roads in the area, used by inexperienced and young cyclists who have deliberately been put in danger if they are silly enough to abide by the signs.
It's an absolute classic of road planning ignoring the needs of cyclists and having no sense whatsoever.
They seem to have millions of those stupid "cyclists dismount " signs but one saying "cyclists excepted " serms beyond the wits of the road planners.

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