More Cycle Commuter Media Stars Wanted Cmon Gary !!!!

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More Cycle Commuter Media Stars Wanted Cmon Gary !!!!

Post by Dave Cox » 04 Apr 2017 21:59

Hiya David if you know of folks who might be interested in this initiative then pass on to them..? Please feel free to contact charlotte direct Chris

Email address:
I work for ITV Central, and we are planning a series of features ahead of the first-ever West Midlands Mayoral election.

This will involve the candidates from the main parties all getting on the ITV News Central bus and travelling around the region, with a number of stops where they will answer questions on different issues.

When we stop in Birmingham, they will tackle the subject of transport.

We are hoping to get a number of commuters from across the region who would be interested in directly challenging the candidates on how they plan to improve the transport network, as that will be among their key powers.

Filming would be on the morning of April 19th (exact time and location TBC) with some possible background filming at an earlier date (again, TBC).

I am hoping you may be able to help put us in touch with people willing to be involved - if you could please let me know either way by e-mail ( or on 07824 597262, I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,
Charlotte Cross
ITV News Central
07824 597262

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