Frank Herety bike/frame

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Frank Herety bike/frame

Post by Andy M » 17 Oct 2017 20:05

Hi, I’ve tried the wanted thread with no success so I hope you don’t mind me trying this one which seems to be a little more popular.
I know this is a long shot but a few years ago I disposed of most of my cycling equipment thinking that due to illness that it was very unlikely I’d ever ride again. However here I am now years later and healthy again, on the long hard road to some kind of fitness.
I gave some things away to a couple of your members, but what I’d like to do is to buy back an item which I sold to one of your members ( Gary ? ).
This was a bike built on a Frank Herety frame that was built for me in Stockport . I’d be happy just to get the frame back in any condition. I remember what I sold the full bike for, and am willing to pay the same just for the frame.
I realise this is unlikely but obviously there’s no harm in asking, it’s just a nostalgia thing, Frank was a prolific frame and wheel builder in the 1980’s, his son John currently manages the Rapha team.
Thank you .
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