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Diamond Buses

Posted: 25 Apr 2018 16:11
by Philip Whiteman
Dear Diamond Buses.

Whilst riding through Belbroughton en-route to work, I was nearly taken-out by one of your buses on a close-pass and by the fact it pulled in too early on an inside bend. The service concerned was the 318 heading out of Belbroughton towards Bromsgrove at approximately 13:10. I suggest that you have words with the driver to educate him on overtaking cyclists.

Philip Whiteman
Hi Philip,

Firstly allow me to apologize for our driver's actions and reassure you that anything of this nature is taken very seriously as is any other complaint of this nature.

I was concerned to learn of the events you described in your message, as the safety of our passenger's and other road users like yourself is of significant importance to us.

In view of your comments, and others received on the same matter, the driver identified will be dealt with and the appropriate action taken against the individual to ensure that such behaviour is not repeated.

I would add that all our drivers are regularly monitored by our own inspectorate staff in regards to conduct and driving standards, and their reports are kept on the driver’s personal record, as are complaints such as yours.

I hope this reassures you sufficiently and once again thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding this matter.

Diamond Bus

Re: Diamond Buses

Posted: 25 Apr 2018 17:27
by Dave Cox
Well done Phil for following this up and getting an appropriate reply from the Company. Glad it wasn't worse but this sort of driving will put off many new cyclists.

Re: Diamond Buses

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 07:22
by AlanW
To be honest, I've lost count how many times I've contacted Diamond buses and even supplied video evidence about close or dangerous driving.

The most recent incident was the bus went on the wrong side of a small pedestrian island in the centre of the road so that he could overtake me?

Video evidence provided, standard reply back word for word as yours. :evil:

Re: Diamond Buses

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 08:14
by Philip Whiteman
AlanW wrote:
27 Apr 2018 07:22
standard reply back word for word as yours. :evil:

Re: Diamond Buses

Posted: 04 Jul 2018 21:29
by Ian
Hi guys, just to add to your posts.

"Diamond Buses, while riding home on 4th July 2018 at 16:53 on the A38 (Bristol Road) I was passed by one of your buses which cut in front of me dangerously close, despite there being a free lane ahead which would allow the bus to pass me and then filter in safely.

I have attached a short clip of this incident and the bus number was 146, vehicle 32121. Unfortunately due to sunlight and video definition unable to provide vehicle registration but I would hope from the clip and details you are able to determine the driver.

I would hope that you would remind this driver and all other drivers for the need to be extra vigilant and careful when passing cyclist and allow plenty of room to pass and filter in.

As a member of a local cycling club I am aware that this is not the first instance involving Diamond Buses and poor driving".

I look forward to their standard reply