changing Di2 Synchro shift settings in e-tube

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changing Di2 Synchro shift settings in e-tube

Post by slogfester » 15 Mar 2018 08:09

Greetings Earthlings. I read that you've had a splendid winter and you've all given up your Zwift subs :lol:

I was off the bike for a whole month due to the back being a bit sore and it being too hot. So I got bored and played with my bits. Upgraded my Di2 so I can have synchro shift. The full synchro shift (up or down on RD, FD changes automatically) is not bad for longer rolling rides, but the default gear positions for going down the gears are not what I want. Basically when running down gears (hard to easy gears/uphil)) it waits until you are on the 2nd largest sprocket (gear no.2) on the back before changing down on the front chain ring and stepping back 2 sprockets on the back to compensate. Its too big a drop and I'd rather the change from large to small chain ring happens earlier, say gear 3 or 4. Using shimano's e-tube software, you are supposed to be able to change all this, and indeed you can change all the swap points except the one I want to change! Hopefully the pic will help explain. I can move the green low and top change gear points, and the blue low, but not the blue top; its stuck on gear 28T/2/1.86 :x

Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about and if so can they help?


e-tube shift mode settings.jpg
e-tube shift mode settings.jpg (120.72 KiB) Viewed 168 times
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Re: changing Di2 Synchro shift settings in e-tube

Post by jdtate101 » 06 May 2018 12:20

I have 9070 Di2 on my road bike and I've turned synchro off because whilst it was pretty novel, it ended up bugging the hell out of me. I want total manual control. I think the software does allow you to change the ratio mix, but tbh I've not tried it.

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Re: changing Di2 Synchro shift settings in e-tube

Post by Yosser » 06 May 2018 20:00

Let me know when you have sorted this out boys, i'm looking to upgrade from my Sturmy Archer twist grips in the very near future.(<5yrs or sooner).

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