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Andy Terry
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commuting tyres

Post by Andy Terry » 05 Mar 2013 16:59

Looks like I'm going to be doing a bit of commuting in London over the coming weeks - can anyone recommend me some suitable tyres?

700c x 23 or 25mm

Pedlo Mudguardo
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Post by Pedlo Mudguardo » 05 Mar 2013 18:12

I've been using a pair of Continental Gator Skins for the commute, one **flat** in three years ! Never run them at more than 100psi max as they seem to become more **flat** prone.

For something even more robust but heavier Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres are now available in 25mm but expect to pay £30 or more. However they should last for years.

I really must get out more ......

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Post by George » 05 Mar 2013 20:18

I've used Contis (various types, including Gator Skins) for years, but began to feel they were a bit pricey and very hard to get on to the rim (which is all very well in the garage, but if you **flat** on a cold, rainy night and you've got to change a tyre at the roadside with numb fingers, that's another thing).

So I tried Vittoria Rubinos for a year, but was unimpressed: unresponsive ride and cut easily.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I bought some Schwalbe Luganos, because a) everyone says they're very hard-wearing and **flat**-resistant, and b) they're very cheap compared with Contis (about £11 from Chain Reaction, I think). I haven't yet had them long enough to confirm what people say about their toughness, but what I can say is that they give a much 'sportier' ride than I was expecting (just as good as Contis of a similar spec) and they go onto the rim much more easily than the Contis. Too soon for a final verdict, but initial impression is very positive.

Dave Cox
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Post by Dave Cox » 05 Mar 2013 22:40

Schwalbe Marathon plus or racers but I've never commuted on 23 or 25 preferring heavy duty Brompton or 30 x 26 Workbike!

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Andy Terry
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Post by Andy Terry » 29 Oct 2013 18:55

Schwalbe Marathon Plus - 2,000km since March on London streets, canal paths and parks. No punc'tures.

(And I definitely rode over broken glass a few times)

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Post by GrahamGamblin » 30 Oct 2013 15:42

I've just got rid of a pair of Schwalbe Durano tyres - first tyres I have completely worn out without any **flat**s at all, inner tubes are pristine. I highly recommend them. They're not as tough as the Marathons, but they're a bit lighter, so depends what your priority is.

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Post by Clive » 31 Oct 2013 12:06

I would personally stick with Continentals, I've used them for years and I am more than happy with them. Gator skins and Gator hardshells are great, hardly ever get a **flat** with them and they are very hard wearing as well as giving good handling. (A gator hardshell was on my front wheel when the rim was trashed in my recent accident. It came out unscathed and is still in service)

I've just fitted GP 4 seasons and so far very impressed with them, but new so jury still out at the moment.

As George says, they are on the pricey side but I think they offer good value and there are often offers about. I've just paid £60 for 2 GP 4 seasons, which I think is Ok.

I too was very unimpressed with Vittoria Rubinos. Seem to get more **flat**s, didn't last anywhere near as long, and the sidewalls began to crack in the end with less than 12 months of service.

My old hybrid bike has Conti Travel contacts which are 7-8 years old and are just showing signs of wear. These, I think, only come in 37's and 42's. I'm thinking of replacing them with Conti Touring plus; the toughest and most **flat** proof (so they say) of their range, narrowest is a 700 x 28 , although they are on the heavy side. £18.35 at parker international ... lus2.shtml ... -Tyre.html

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Post by slogfester » 31 Oct 2013 19:06

+1 for the Schwalbe marathons.
I have not commuted on them, but toured on and off road with +25 kg luggage.
Marathon Plus are indestructable, never had a **flat** (c. 6000 km), but slow.
We ran the Supremes last tour (1 flat in total of 8000 km) which are faster and handle better, but not quite as good off-road.
Belt up, we're going for a ride

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