Bike book - help needed

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Bike book - help needed

Post by JulietEngland » 09 May 2013 20:35

My name is Juliet England and I am a freelance writer. I am writing a book for a publisher called Need2Know books which aims to be a comprehensive guide for beginner cyclists.
I would really appreciate some help on the various parts of a bike and how they fit together, cycling technique, how to clean a bike, benefits of club membership, common injuries and how to avoid/treat them and some basic bike maintenance.
Ideally, I would do this by Skype or email.
Is there anyone who may be able to help?
I am very happy to offer acknowledgement in my Acknowledgements section.
Thanks so much in advance, also if anyone can offer me a few lines on "why I cycle" that would be fantastic. Would need a first name, rough age, rough area where you live and a few lines,
Thank you

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Post by HAZBRO » 09 May 2013 21:27

Club Bonuses - Free/ cheaper repairs, advice and support from fellow club members, this can consist if buying a bike, also you build a friendship around all the club members and become a cycling family, if you know what i mean.
Also clubs provide club runs where riders can go on a ride together at a good pace and enjoy a ride, providing the weather isn't bad, this is much better than riding by yourself to most people, even in the extremes. You learn new skills, as you build and master your own techniques on how to fix/ or repair a bike, this can be from a **flat** or a broken chain. When you club ride you learn, the road and have to treat everyone on it as equals.
I could go on forever but I've got work to do:)
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Philip Whiteman
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Post by Philip Whiteman » 10 May 2013 10:23

I suggest that beginner riders may also be interested in further catagories not listed. To beginners these may mystical and require explanation:

Participation Events:
Charity Events

Competitive Events:
Road Races
Time Trials
Track Racing
MTB Racing

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Post by George » 10 May 2013 10:24

Juliet, I mean no offence by this, but your information request surprises me. How does it come about that you have been commissioned to write this book if you are ignorant of matters as fundamental as the parts of a bike and how they fit together?

Rod Goodfellow
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Post by Rod Goodfellow » 10 May 2013 13:56

Sounds like getting other people to do most of the work.

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Post by AlanW » 10 May 2013 16:11

Someone already beat you to it HERE
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Post by snailmale » 10 May 2013 17:09

The publisher offers 'Need to Know' books on pretty well every subject you can think of, all at a tenner a go. I hope some of the advice is based on personal experience.

One or two of my writing associates have published books of this nature, but I know they are on subjects on which they have some knowledge and expertise.
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John Sanderson
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Post by John Sanderson » 12 May 2013 08:23

George wrote:Juliet, I mean no offence by this, but your information request surprises me. How does it come about that you have been commissioned to write this book if you are ignorant of matters as fundamental as the parts of a bike and how they fit together?
It's all about the bike.

Albert Cox
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Post by Albert Cox » 12 May 2013 16:53

I have before me my copy of 'Cycling' Manual 23rd edition 1954

This was sold by 'Cycling Weekly' for 3/6 and contains all that you needed to know about our Pastime and Sport at that time, and including the mechanics essential for maintenance.

The editor is one... H H England ...who was also the [famous] editor of the well read weekly magazine. of same name, [even though it had then a powerful weekly competititor 'The Bicycle' edited by J. Wadley].

I can only ask if Ms England is related to the legendary 'HH England of 'Cycling', or is ita pure name coincidence?

I wish Ms England well in her quest.

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