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New Wheels?

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 11:44
by caashford
Hi all, I'm just looking for some prices and advice for x2 wheel builds.

For the Ribble CGR Titanium I am looking for a wheelset with a dynamo:
My thoughts are: Aluminum - shallow depth / SON Dynamo / 28spoke / Centrelock / Tubeless / 32mm tyres / Shimano

For summer club runs:
My thoughts are: Carbon - 40mm or 50mm / Light + Aero / 24spoke / centrelock / tubeless / 28mm tyres / Shimano

I won't say that I am precious on Spokes / Rims / Hubs so keen to get your thoughts. Ideally looking for something that I can get hold of by end of May if possible.

Current Thoughts:
Branded - Hunt / Prime / Cero / Scribe / Parcours
Hand Build - Just Riding Along / CycleClinic / DCR

Any thoughts or recommendations for any of these suppliers?

Re: New Wheels?

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 13:59
by laurence_cooley
I've had some Prime RR-50s for a couple of years, and while they've not had that much use to go by, I've been happy enough for the price (bit of a bargain at £450 from CRC). I've also got a cheap set of Prime training wheels and the bearings in the front went pretty quickly. I don't use the deep-sections in the wet, but they have the same hubs (and presumably bearings) as the cheap ones, so that's something to watch out for if they're going to get lots of use.

Re: New Wheels?

Posted: 03 Oct 2020 16:03
by bikercolin
Spa cycles do some quality dynamo wheel builds, usually better prices in the winter too. ... ilt-Wheels