Club runs - 8th May

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Club runs - 8th May

Post by WorcsPhil » 03 May 2016 23:54

26 riders out last week, and that was without an A-run. This is a further call for club run leaders, as the only leaders of the A-run since April have been called Phil, let's have a few non-Phil leaders, please.

Remember, when you lead, you call the shots on cafe and distance, so volunteer to lead, keep to the club speed guidelines and earn the rapturous applause of your peers.

It promises to be warm this weekend and this week's rides are:

A: Volunteer required
B: Alcester - Colin Groves
C: Volunteer required
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Post by CakeStop » 04 May 2016 08:57

Unlikely to effect the B run to Alcester but, in case others are considering heading South, roads around Himbleton & Crowle are closed approx 10:00-13:00 for the annual fun run.
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Colin G
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Post by Colin G » 04 May 2016 12:41

My plan is to go to the Orangemabel Teamrooms on Alcester High Street. I've rung ahead so they're expecting us. I was annoyingly vague - told them to expect between 10 and 20 people between 11am and 12noon.

I've done my best!

Café locks are probably a good idea.

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Post by NeilL » 06 May 2016 17:22

Hi Colin, do you have a distance in mind? I'm trying to work out a return time. Thanks

Colin G
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Post by Colin G » 07 May 2016 17:07

Hi Neil, 58 according to mapmyrun. I need to get back at a reasonable time.

Colin G
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Post by Colin G » 08 May 2016 15:01

On todays brisk B run were;

Colin Groves (L)
Ian Simpson
Vince Tennant
John Deeley
Phil Elwell
Dale Finnegan
Martin Vowles
Rob Wade
Tess Oelofse
Claire Fudge
Paul Johnson (salad dodger)
Chris Ashford

Just one flat on the way back. Stunning day and can't really fault the service at the tearooms given the amount of cyclists that arrived whilst we were there. I particularly liked the tractor drive by - it was like vintage car racing in slow motion.

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C ride

Post by carolyn » 08 May 2016 16:59

Thanks Gary for hosting the C ride.... and thank you to everyone on the ride for the morale and maintenance support. :D

John D
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Post by John D » 08 May 2016 18:26

Colin, many thanks for a great route today and bearing with me when needed. Much appreciated.
Think the 2016 cyclists tan has begun as well.
Once the cafe had sorted the confusion over which cycle group was which, they looked after us pretty well and best carrot cake in a long time.


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Post by gmac » 16 May 2016 12:41

Sorry this is a bit late
The C run was
Gary Mac (L)
Dave Little (A)
Giovanni Del Vecchio
Carolyn Creggan
???? And a man on a purple Peugeot sorry I've forgotten your name.


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