Club runs - 11th September

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Club runs - 11th September

Post by WorcsPhil » 05 Sep 2016 09:16

Nearly 30 riders out last Sunday, but plenty of other cycling events going on, not least the final weeks of the TT season, and I have to say (albeit in the wrong post), a tremendous set of results. Our 'fast' cyclists are setting a very, very high standard, and with new club records set this year by John Hunt, Simon Dighton and Jess Rhodes-Jones, and with Dave 'Cocoon' Hughes setting startling PBs, it augurs well for 2017.

...but I digress, back to club runs. Big thanks to Carolyn Clegg in particular for her first leading role on Sunday, with plenty of positive feedback on the C-run, it will be good to see her leading again in the future.

This weeks runs (including the big annual C-ride day out) are:

A: Volunteer required
B: Alcester - Andy Deere
C: 100 in whatever - John Deeley (08:15 start)

Alternative club run at B/C pace to the Staffordshire hills - led by Nick Shenton (see Nick's separate post and the Beacon facebook page for more details)
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Post by Yosser » 05 Sep 2016 13:45

Not wishing to be too sycophantic but it's not just the racing that is thriving, the club runs are also v healthy and delightfully varied. I like the way that the one offs, like this w.e.'s Shelton soiree, are additional, not instead of, one of the three usual runs. This leaves the bulk of the Sunday members with a club run to suit their state of fitness and able to be completed in a morning. However I hope, in the temp absence of club run leader stalwarts like Nick, that the club has club run volunteers to step into the breech. I'm sure that we do.

Not going to be me though, (he said a touch too hastily), I will be in the Basque country and associated mountains.


Cocoon Hughes

David Cole
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Post by David Cole » 05 Sep 2016 22:37

If there are no A and B runs could we have some more volunteers to help with the cyclo cross event on Sunday
David Cole

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Post by laurence_cooley » 05 Sep 2016 23:05

David Cole wrote:If there are no A and B runs could we have some more volunteers to help with the cyclo cross event on Sunday
As an added incentive, there will be lots of cake.

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Post by deero83 » 07 Sep 2016 11:51

I would be happy to lead a slightly slower B run on Sunday for those of you not joining Nick on his climbing spree around the Staffordshire Moorlands.

I've not done a club run (or a decent length ride, i.e. 50+ miles) for a couple of months due to injury, illness, children etc.

The pace will therefore be around the 'guideline' pace, rather than the normal top-end.

Destination will be Alcester. Cafe dependent on numbers, but personally I prefer OrangeMabel. You might want to bring a cafe lock just in case.

Route is 52 miles approx. from the Black Horse and around 3,500ft of climbing.

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Post by bobg » 07 Sep 2016 14:57

Would have happily helped out at the cyclo cross, but we are off to Goodwood for the weekend. Sorry
There is not a hill that is to steep to walk up.

John D
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Post by John D » 09 Sep 2016 11:19

The 3 legs of Sundays 100 in whatever are listed below. LEG1 LEG 2 LEG3

This is a pretty flat route and dependant on attendees, I am hoping for a moving average of 13.5 to 14mph but we will maintain a pace that is comfortable for all.

Weather is looking favourable, dry, warmish and a southerly breeze to help us home. We will be stopping at Vale of Evesham golf club and Wellesbourne airport for food stops and a short comfort/bottle filling/ice cream stop at a garden centre about half way. A proper refreshment at Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill at the finish.

Looking forward to a good days riding in the usual social spirit of the c run


Mikey B
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Post by Mikey B » 10 Sep 2016 20:29

Hey John,

Apologies but on-going house problems mean that again I'm going to have to miss another C Ride. (Gutted... have just bought a new saddlebag for the occasion and everything!)

Hope the '100 miler' goes well and hope to be back riding with Beacon again soon when everything's resolved.

Mike B

John D
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Post by John D » 10 Sep 2016 20:49

No probs and I hope the property issues get satisfactorily resolved.

Catch you soon


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Post by deero83 » 11 Sep 2016 15:08

On today's really rather pleasant B run to Alcester were:

Andy Deere (leading)
Tim Jarvis
Vince Tennant
Rob Wade
Phil Gameson
Cedric Gioan
Mike Preece (his first B run)
John Hitchcock
Leonie Balter (who peeled off just before the cafe)

Well done to Mike who kept up well with the group very well - hopefully we will see you again on another B run soon.

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Post by Nicks_77 » 11 Sep 2016 16:30

Another excellent turnout for my ride around the Peak District today. What started as a rather chilly morning ended up being a rather pleasant end of summer ride.

On today's hilly expedition were:-

Nick Shenton (Leading)
James Tate
Kyle Gatier
Ryan (Birthday boy) Evanson
Carolyn (Calamity) Clegg
Phillip (14th Earl of Drayton) Whiteman
Andy Wrightson
Andy Terry
Greg Cole (Brothers quite literally In arms)
Andy Cole

Thanks to everyone who came. The usual mix of banter and fun was had by all.

See you on the next one!

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Post by Si_Walker » 11 Sep 2016 19:24

Thanks to John for leading the C ride today. A great day out with superb weather.
Si Walker
Beacon Roads Cycling Club

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Philip Whiteman
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Post by Philip Whiteman » 11 Sep 2016 19:34

A big thankyou to Nick for organising a challenging day out through fantastic countryside. The immediate departure from Cheadle included a bugger of a climb and this set the tone for the rest of the day. Upon our return, we had difficulties recalling any flat sections of route - the only bit being about 1 mile around the edge of Uttoxeter. Certainly, all of the roads on the outbound section were completely new to me in terms of cycling.

Great company throughout.

There were no incidents en-route asides from Andy Wrightson's brand new tyre gaining a bald patch and a consequent blow-out. The tyre was patched and he returned back to Cheadle okay. Oh, and there was Calamity Clegg's undignified toppling-over caused by cleat dis-engagement - something that has happened to many of us in the past.

The cafe in Hartington done us proud for cake. So much so, that Caroline was handing around lumps of excess sponge that could not be eaten.

John D
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Post by John D » 11 Sep 2016 20:21

On today's 100 in whatever were
John Deeley
Si Walker
Simon Turner
Dave Little
Helen Jamieson
Neil Evanson (comfortably completing his first century)
Derek Reynolds to Evesham
We met Steve Smith at the Coach and Horses

A really enjoyable days ride, good weather, great company, thanks to all.

Reasonably uneventful although Helen was momentarily traumatised by watching the last moments of a squirrel by Kings Norton Golf Club. Her vivid description of its second circumference around the cars wheel was awesome.


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