A38. New Segregated Cycleway Announced

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Philip Whiteman
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A38. New Segregated Cycleway Announced

Post by Philip Whiteman » 13 Dec 2016 10:19

Looks good if you cycle between UoB and the city centre.

http://www.bhamcyclerevolution.org.uk/p ... yOak_route

It would be good to see this extended southwards towards Northfield.
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Dave Cox
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Post by Dave Cox » 15 Dec 2016 22:05

I went to the BCC Cycle Forum last night and this scheme for the A38 and A34 was very well received by the cyclists and campaigners who packed the room.
Birmingham's Cycle Revolution has been very slow to tackle on road developments and reallocate road space from motor vehicles and the original plan while extensive was based on low quality painted lanes/ shared pavements etc. The plans met opposition from some local councillors and residents while not enthusing cyclists either. They have now decided with DfT approval to concentrate on two high quality segregated cycle routes to demonstrate what can be done and encourage more people to cycle. However, it does mean that extending these routes or doing the same for other parts of the City will await further funding opportunities. Equally if BCC doesn't achieve something good with its current grant (£63million)then it will never win a competitive bid for cycle funding again.

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Post by deero83 » 16 Dec 2016 15:44

Looks quite promising!

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Post by Tim » 17 Dec 2016 17:53

Makes sense do less well than more poorly. The canal improvements have at least been something so far. Agree regarding extending through Selly oak to south end of Northfield needed eventually to maximise usage.

Anything else of note discussed such as the close pass initiative by wmp? Know the officers involved were in attendance.

Fingers crossed this is a success so the push for the required massive acceleration in funding can get some traction, it's still peanuts currently, we need same or probably more per head as what Sadiq Khan is promising for London
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