Club runs - 26th February

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Club runs - 26th February

Post by WorcsPhil » 20 Feb 2017 08:43

44 riders out on Sunday over the three rides, which is the best this year...Great to see so many, and thanks for the three leaders for volunteering. I'm sure we will have at least one week with three female leaders.

Of course, when there is so many, this can create its own issues, so well done Helen for splitting the C-ride into 2...don't forget the guidance suggests we do this when there are 16 or more on any one ride. There were 15 on the B-ride, so it rightly stayed as one group, but I read on the MB, and facebook that people were dropped. As others have said, it is vital for people near the back to assist the leader by shouting 'off the back' when people are beginning to drift backwards, or have a mechanical...please ensure that the leader hears this so the ride can re-group. We had 3 or 4 times on the A-ride when the group got split at junctions and some made it across and others didn't, and each time the call went up and the group slowed...exemplary behaviour (but when you have Matt R in the group, then no one can fail to hear the call!)

Anyway, hope everybody was ok.

This week, it is the Beacon Sunrise/Snowdrop audax on the Saturday as well as an Aerocoach time trial on the Sunday, so a lower turnout will be expected. I have therefore named this Sunday as 'Free-form Sunday', i.e. just turn up at 09:00 and decide groups and venues on the day...There is always a smattering of riders there... this is how other clubs operate every week!

If you do want to lead, maybe post these ravenous intentions to another week and get your name down on the diary thread.

This weeks runs:
This is a one-off Free-form week, simply turn up at 09:00, quick chat on intentions and ride.
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Post by Si_Walker » 26 Feb 2017 13:52

A combined Beacon ride with A, B and C riders to Lavendar Hall and no rain. A steady pace out and a tough head wind on the return, slowing us down. Hope all got back OK.

Riders were;

Si Walker (Leading)
Natalia Barroso
James Bramwell
Colin Hall
Ewen Hamnett
James Hepburn
Paul Johnson
Mark McConkey
Chris Thompson
Simon Turner
Andy Wrightson
Si Walker
Beacon Roads Cycling Club

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