Club runs - 30th April

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Club runs - 30th April

Post by WorcsPhil » 24 Apr 2017 08:55

An excellent weekend for Beacon RCC with a really great LMTT proving very popular in it's new venue at Shelsley Walsh. Congratulations to all the riders and organisers.

Anyway, club runs are back this week and we have a couple of non-standard offerings as well as the normal runs, namely:

A: Volunteer required
B: Volunteer required
C: Volunteer required

Alternative 1: 200kms club run led by Paul Johnson, meet at 07:45 or a 07:59 leave. Paul doesn't hang around for latecomers!

Alternative 2: Monday 1st May Bank Holiday, Jess will lead an additional club run at A/B pace to destination TBC...leaving at the normal time of 09:15. So, come along for a double header.

This does leave vacancies for the normal club runs, and although we have named A-riders for the following 3 weeks, my technique #2 was clearly not read enough last week, so I give the named people below, and others of course another chance to shine and post to the April/May/June thread. Surely the onrushing Bank Holiday will encourage people to put their names forward for adulation.

A-ride leader? | B-ride leader? | C-ride leader?

Phil Richards | Andy Terry | Colin Hall
Neil Orchard | Si Walker | Pete Norman
Andy Wrightson | Phil Gameson | Helen Jamieson
Vince Tennant | Colin Graves | Mark McConkey
Jon Williams | Phil Elwall | Neil Evanson
Nick Shenton | Neil Lynch | Mike Balenski
James Tate | John Deeley | Dave Little
Steve Philpott | Mark Connell | Adrian McHugh
Rob Wade
Paul Johnson
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Post by Hels147 » 24 Apr 2017 14:03

I'm running the Birmingham 10k this Sunday, so can't lead this week. Also, I've not been on a road bike since my off at the snowdrop, so it's gonna take me a little while to get back to feeling strong enough to lead. I'll probably lead later in the year.


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David Cole
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Post by David Cole » 24 Apr 2017 15:41

Helen where is the Bham 10k and what time on Sunday
David Cole

Beacon Roads Cycling Club

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Post by Hels147 » 24 Apr 2017 22:12


It starts at 8:30 on Sunday in the centre of town and heads out to cannon hill park. Entries are still open!! 😉

If you’re all about the destination, take a f#€king flight!

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Club Ride to Cobhouse Fisheries

Post by Si_Walker » 30 Apr 2017 15:30

Today's combination ride was a bit of a 'beasting', being quite lumpy and was to Cobhouse Fisheries, Weather was warm and dry but with a strong headwind at times. Riders were as follows:

Si Walker (leading)
Leone Balden
Dave Cox
Neil Evanson
Mark Gardener
Wayne Gibbs
Adrian McHugh
Dave Hughes
Gemma Johnson
Mark McConkey
Adrian Ravenscroft

We lost Dave Little on the way out somewhere near to Stourport, so apols for that. We did wait for a short while before deciding to carry on.
Si Walker
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Post by ballintrane » 30 Apr 2017 17:33

On today's Alternative 200km club run
Paul Johnson(L)
Liam Roberts
Alan Weaver(Cafe)
Phil Richards(Don't try and knock me off!!)
Nick Shenton
James Hepburn
Vincent Tennant
Chris Ashford
Neil Lynch
Dom Walker
Gary Mac(Cafe)
Andy Wrightson
Ryan Evanson
Josh Stephenson

Well where to start having nearly taken out the club run secretary(I blame the proximity of a certain garden centre that's name cannot be spoken)then Rob wade(Andy to his friends)had a heroic 40+ miles chase into a headwind to catch us at the cafe only to leave us a Broadway to make his own way home as did Alan and Gary after the cafe stop.The climb up Willersly Hill was greeted with cheers of delight and everyone to a man could not wait to visit it again!!.And to finish the sight of lycra clad men raiding the reduced trolley at Tesco Express Pershore will live long in the memory and we didn't get wet.
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Post by DavOz » 30 Apr 2017 17:59

Got stuck behind a line of cars while one waited to turn right for a while.
Tried a few roads to see if I could see the group but couldn't. So after waiting a bit decided to wander down the lanes to Gaudet Luce. So no problem.
Sorry for delaying you all.

David Little

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Post by WorcsPhil » 30 Apr 2017 18:42

Thanks for leading, Paul and even suggesting the ride...a grand day out.

As well as Rob, we also had Stuart White also chasing the fast moving Beacon peloton without success.

...and I think it was Keith Adcock who first picked up the anomaly that although the average bike cost of the group was probably £2k, and with expensive Castelli gear prominent, we all still want to save 30p on a sandwich. Freakonomics!

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Post by JessRJ » 30 Apr 2017 22:33

Change of plan for tomorrow's (bank holiday Monday) A/B pace ride - destination is Bewdley instead of Malverns. I thought I could make a 100km route starting / finishing at the Black Horse to the Malverns, but my BikeHike wizardry has failed me and it's looking a bit too long. Still meeting at 9 for 9.15am departure.

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