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Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 16 Oct 2017 08:54
by WorcsPhil
On what has been a fabulous year of achievement for Beacon members this year, with TT records going, racing success and triathlon and track world and European champions, there was another huge success at the weekend. I know I congratulated Chris Ashford on his 2hrs 29mins marathon in Chester last Sunday, whereas yesterday, he ran another 2hr 30mins marathon but WON the inaugural Birmingham Marathon in front of some 8,000 other runners. Chicken dinner! Heartiest congratulations to Chris, his fizzog was all over Midlands Today last night and snippets of his success can be seen here: ... m-41627425

...and in what must be a one of Beacon's most widely active weekends, well done to all those at the Thruxton closed circuit TT yesterday, and crits and cx and mtb events....oh and there were also some club runs.

An eventful A-ride with wasp stings and a mad rush to make breakfast at Cobhouse was highly entertaining due to it's macabre discussions on killing things at the café, where we learnt that 'throttling a squirrel' is not a euphemism. Thanks also to Alan and Matt, and then Si for leading the B and C rides respectively. We had around 20 riders out at the weekend, so I encourage others to join these club runs as your racing, TT or other events subside for the Autumn.

This week's rides are:

A: Codsall - Nick Shenton
B: Volunteer required
C: Volunteer required

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 19 Oct 2017 12:53
by Nicks_77
This weeks A Run is to a new club run destination - Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre

Approx 100km in length. It's a bit lumpy out towards Wombourne but nothing too harsh.

Winter bikes at the ready!!

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 21 Oct 2017 11:47
by Simmo
I'll lead a C run to Simons Place in Leamington. Put your plus size Lycra on for the poached egg delight and bring a lock.

On today's C run were the following

Simon Turner (leading)
Si Walker
Colin Hall
Dave Cox
Dave Little
Matt Hale
Paul and Laurie Derbyshire
Aidrian McHugh
Neil Evanson
Natalie Barroso

Cracking day cheers all. Hope you got back ok Dave C after the mechanical the other Dave and Aid stayed back to help out

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 21 Oct 2017 17:46
by AlanW
Subject to the weather, l'll lead the B run to Pershore

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 22 Oct 2017 14:19
by AlanW
Todays combined A & B run to Pershore consisted of:-

Alan Weaver (leading)
Dom Walker
John Hitchcock
Neil Lynch
Neil Orchard
Zalman Shazar
Xavier Disley
Jessica Roades-Jones
Andy Wrightson
Paul Johnson
Chris Ankcorn
Nick Shenton
Rob Wade
Ryan Evanson

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 22 Oct 2017 15:13
by Nicks_77
Thanks for leading Al. It seemed daft for just 3 of us to do the A Run when the majority wanted to go to Pershore.

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 22 Oct 2017 15:35
by AlanW
Its unfortunate that the group got split up in the latter stages, and despite repeated requests to knock the pace back a touch to let others get back on, my requests seemed to go pretty much ignored. :cry:

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 22 Oct 2017 16:05
by Dave Cox
Thanks for the ride Simon - got back OK with Dave and Ade. Just had to strip the mudguard off but wheel will need a rebuild one spoke just ripped straight out. Might check the forks too or see if I can get some with a bit more clearance or use Crud guard in future. 25 cms tyres are a close fit. Could have been a whole lot worse and I've no idea what caused it to jam and collapse. I was just settling in to follow your wheel through the headwind back to Brum too!

Re: Club runs - 22nd October

Posted: 23 Oct 2017 00:09
by Simmo
Glad you got back ok Dave it made a right bang whatever it was, you did really well to stay upright.