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Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 15:36
by WorcsPhil
So apparently we had snow. There was I, sat in my house, harming no one, when a titled Beacon member, namely Lord Whiteman, who was out checking his lanes at the furthermost points of his ancestral estate turned up on my doorstep. Fair play...perhaps Mr Whiteman/Ravencroft/Weaver deserve a point for foolhardiness!

Anyway, presuming we get some sort of thaw this week, can I encourage a large Beacon turnout to Chaddesley Corbett cyclists' Christmas get together on Sunday. There will be various club runs and individual journeys to get there (doors open at 12noon)...adorn your bikes with tinsel and Christmas lights, and who can top Stuart White's tremendous woolly Christmas jumper/cycling top combo last year!

This week's rides are:

A: Volunteer required
B: Halfpenny Green, then on to Chaddesley - Nick Shenton
C: Meriden - Dave Cox

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 13 Dec 2017 11:38
by Matt Hale
Hi Dave,

Is the intention to return to the Black Horse on the way back, or head to Chaddesley Corbett?



Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 14 Dec 2017 21:38
by Dave Cox
Hi Matt, I'm committed to go to Meriden for the Cyclists' Carol Service so will miss out on Chaddersley. The format is cakes at Meriden Village Hall from 11.00 and growling out some carols at the Church at 1.00. We'll be passing Lavender Hall Fishery en route so there's is an option for people to stop there and make their own way back to Black Horse but it's the wrong direction for Chaddersley. If going on to Meriden then it will be best to have lights because the light begins to go quite early and it's going to be cloudy. I'm assuming that the thaw continues and it won't be icy. If I use my studded tyres I'll have to leave earlier because they are pretty slow!

Here is the original post.

"All being well with weather etc I'll lead a C Run to Meriden for the traditional Cycling UK/ CTC Carol Service on 17th Dec. There's cakes in the Village Hall first so an option to miss the sing song and ride back early."

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 15 Dec 2017 11:13
by Si_Walker
For those that would like to go to The Swan for a beer with the other club riders here is a route which is 30 miles to the The Swan, a non stop C ride should be about 2 hours, with an option to extend it through Stock Green (+4 miles) or divert to the garden centre at Whitlenge if good progress is made. I can't promise to be at the Black Horse but here's the route for anyone to load up to their Garmin.

Please note that the ride route ends at Chaddersley so be please be prepared to find your own way home after the pub visit and so it's not the length of the road its the width that will add to your mileage!

The Seasons Greetings to one and all!

30 miler

34 miler

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 19:25
by Nicks_77
I’m currently in two minds about taking the B Run to Halfpenny Green tomorrow.

Although the roads and lanes are relatively clear of ice now the weather forecast for the morning doesn’t look great, so....

The plan will either be to do a non stop ride ending up at The Swan in Chaddesley Corbett or a cafe stop at Whitlendge before heading onto The Swan.

The pace will be nice and steady

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 17 Dec 2017 07:35
by Nicks_77
Morning all.

There is some ice again this morning where I live so regretfully I'm going to have to say I won't be leading a B Run this morning. Also, I don't feel it would be appropriate or fair to other members leading them on lanes I've chosen to go down.

I shall be going to The Swan for around 11:30-12 to meet up with everyone for a drink.

Safe riding if you do go out early this morning.

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 17 Dec 2017 07:56
by Philip Whiteman
Anyone still going out should note that Worcestershire primary routes are treated but don’t be fooled as the water run off from old snow is turning to ice.

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 17 Dec 2017 08:41
by Dave Cox
Thanks for the advice Phil. I'm afraid the C Run to Meriden will have to be cancelled also. It's not safe to lead a run if there is ice about. I'll make my own way there slowly on studded tyres. Apologies if anyone was hoping to come.

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 17 Dec 2017 15:43
by Si_Walker
A small gathering of riders at the Black Horse on a frosty morning decided to take the posted 30 miler to The Swan with a stop off at the garden centre at Chaddersley. It was wet and cold so we all got a good soaking, finishing at The Swan, Chaddersley were there there was a reasonably full room of riders from different clubs including the Saracen, Halesowen and Heart of England.
Riders from the BH were as follows;

Si Walker (Leading; some of the time)
Phil Richards
Adam Green
Richard Wrightson
Andy Wrightson
Phil Gameson
Neil Evanson

George Barker, Steve Smith, John Hitchcock, Chris Hudson rode there independently

At the pub were a number of other Beacon 'Riders'; (I use that word with reservation ;-).
Dave & Ann Cole, Tony Webb, Ann and Dave Hughes.
Sorry if I missed anyone I did not see.

Merry Christmas

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 19 Dec 2017 15:30
by Yosser
Used the word riders with justifiable reservation. I got a lift to the Garden centre. Rode ALL the way round the corner to the Swan. Drank 6 pints and then got a lift home. Good to see a large turnout of dedicated athletes drinking coffee and other stimulating beverages.

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 19 Dec 2017 18:25
by Dave Cox
Well I got to Meriden and got wet and cold and then faced some fog coming past the Peacock on the return but enjoyed myself. Do I get a club run point for getting to the Black Horse to cancel a run that no one turned up for??? Points mean prizes as you know !

Re: Club runs - 17th December

Posted: 19 Dec 2017 22:17
by WorcsPhil
Certainly do get a point, Dave. Splendid effort on a horrible day.