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Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 09:32
by WorcsPhil
Another grotty day on Sunday did not deter around eight riders at the Black Horse, setting off on a steady 30-miler in the ice and rain to Chaddesley and the Christmas cyclists' get-together, via Rowberrys café. Good to see so many other Beacon people at the pub, together with plenty of Saracen and Halesowen riders in particular.

Strava is currently showing that Zwift is more popular with Beacon riders than outside riding at present, not surprising given the snow and ice in the last few long before we have a Zwift virtual club run with points awarded? ....Meeting at 09:15 on Watopia Island ain't too far away, (apologies to non-strava/Zwift users, who will make no sense of this paragraph)

Anyway, it is Christmas Eve this Sunday, but some may want a morning blast before succumbing to the mince pies, so there will be (outside) club runs, even if there are only two riders. This weeks ride are....

A: Beacon Blast (60kms/37miles)- Phil Richards
B: Volunteer required
C: Volunteer required

Re: Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 09:38
by WorcsPhil
Many cafes won't be open on this day, or with funny opening hours, so I'll do a short Beacon Burst ride on Sunday (shorter ride with NO café stop), leaving at the normal time...route will be similar to this:

The route is just 60kms (37.5miles), so we should be finished and back at the Black Horse just after 11:30am...possible brownie points earned, and a bacon sandwich at home. If there is no B ride leader coming forward, this will be a joint A/B ride.

...For those doing the Strava Festive 500, why not get off to a good start by coming out on this club ride and making it longer at your own convenience...

Re: Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 24 Dec 2017 07:28
by Dave Cox
My plan is a leisurely ride from Black Horse to Worcester Country Park which I think will be open though full of excited kids ! About 55 miles if anyone wants to join me.

Re: Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 24 Dec 2017 14:06
by WorcsPhil
Tremendous turn out on the Beacon Burst this morning, with not a drop of tinsel to be seen. We started with around 17 riders but people split off all around the route, so God knows how many got back to the Black Horse via the publicised route. On the ride, in alphabetical order were:

Phil Richards (leading)
Keith Adcock
Chris Ashford
Phil Field
Paul Johnson
Neil Lynch
Martin McGowan
Andy McGrath
Neil Orchard
Mel Potter
Matt Regan
Nick Shenton
Ian Taylor
Vince Tennant
Dominic Walker
Jon Williams
Andy Wrightson

Merry Christmas to all

Re: Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 24 Dec 2017 14:19
by Si_Walker

Re: Club runs - 24th December

Posted: 24 Dec 2017 15:11
by Dave Cox
Well seven off us made it to Breakfast with Santa at Worcester Country Park

Dave Cox (Leading)
Tony Fowler (Welcome guest rider from Ravensthorpe CC)
Colin Hall
Dave Little
Adrian McHugh
Simon Turner
Simon Walker

Dave Cole started from the Black Horse and provided a Presidential escort as far as Coopers Lane before looping back home.

Thanks all for turning out - great to have a wind assisted ride home !