Club runs - 1st April

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Club runs - 1st April

Post by WorcsPhil » 26 Mar 2018 10:09

A rare day of nice weather saw 37 club riders out on the B, C and X ride on Sunday. As I've mentioned on the weekly thread, anything can count as a club run, just give it some pre-publicity on the relevant message board thread so that others can come along if they want, and it counts. Thanks to Philip and George for leading the B and C rides respectively...A George-led C run to Bishampton was extremely well attended, and the B ride looked equally textbook despite the tyre shenanigans, and good to see an excellent comeback for the cerebral café discussion on Greek culture...making a pleasant change from how to kill a squirrel.

So what else happened at the weekend...Peter Sagan, of course and there were races at Pinvin, and the first Beacon Time Trial of the season, and congrats to the 6 riders who rode this, and Roger Cutler for powering home as the fastest Beacon rider.

At present, just me and Paul Johnson have volunteered to lead on the April/May/June thread, so please get your name down...No matter how I word these requests or what language I use, no one responds, so I've promised myself a chocolate biscuit if I get 5 additions to that thread by Friday. Ignore me at your peril.

Don't forget... ANY ride you want can be a club run...even if it is just two laps of the Black Horse, or a return ride to Gdansk. Just post it, and they will come.

Anyway, it's now April, and despite it being both April Fool's Day and Easter Sunday this week, there are club runs proposed. this week's rides are:

A: Cleobury Mortimer - Phil Richards
B: Volunteer required
C: Lavender Hall Fisheries - Pete Norman

Intro: Be good if we can get an Intro leader this week as it's the first Sunday of the month.

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Re: Club runs - 1st April

Post by WorcsPhil » 29 Mar 2018 15:56

so, only George has posted so promised biscuit tomorrow is looking like it will be fade to staleness and be thrown away. We had over 30 riders out last week, if just half of you posted to lead just once, we'd be laughing for weeks to come...

Anyway, the A-Ride this week (on Tour of Flanders day) is a hilly(ish) trip to Cleobury Mortimer, on a route something like this:

It's not the traditional Clows Top stinger route as the lanes are too crappy. I've checked that the café is open as it's Easter Day, and the weather is looking hopefully nothing can go wrong now #famouslastwords

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Re: Club runs - 1st April

Post by timpodlogar » 30 Mar 2018 15:12

What are the average speeds for A group rides? Might join you ...

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C Ride - 1st April

Post by PeteNorman » 30 Mar 2018 16:41

I will lead to Lavender Hall Fisheries -

Probably best to keep away from garden centres, National Trust and posh cafes on Easter Sunday!

Just 51 miles, 2100' elevation, hope to be back home well before 2pm.

The hey it's not raining ride!

Pete Norman (L)
Andy Terry
SImon Turner
Laurie Derbyshire
Paul Derbyshire
Wayne Gibbs
Neil Evanson

Thanks y'all. Nice brisk ride everyone, 14.5mph average!

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Re: Club runs - 1st April

Post by WorcsPhil » 30 Mar 2018 18:05

Thanks, Pete.

Hi, Tim, A-rides are typically anywhere between 26-30kph depending on terrain and time of year...this week’s ride will probably be at the lower end of that range for both of those reasons.


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Re: Club runs - 1st April

Post by WorcsPhil » 01 Apr 2018 14:16

On the lumpy-bumpy A/B ride to Cleobury Mortimer today were ( in alphabetical order):

Ryan Evanson
Phil Gameson (part)
Alistair Hey
Martin McGowan
Neil Orchard
Phil Richards (leading)
Vince Tennant

...and meeting us at the cafe before their Belgian afternoon watching Tour of Flanders were:

Nick Shenton
Andy Wrightson
+2 of Nick’s friends from Staffs...sorry, I never got their names

Thanks all for a good ride in fine weather, and no dodgy tyre adventures this week!

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