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Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 09:40
by WorcsPhil
20 riders out on Sunday over the two rides, big thanks to Neil for leading to Stanford Bank and Si to Croome Park. Cold, weren't it! :shock:

BUT, weather now looks good next weekend and beyond so this is a call out for Beacon to have two good weeks and run 3 rides...we haven't done this for a while for some reason. If you haven't done a club run for a while, why not come back and have a go, rather than solo riding around on a Sunday morning...if the rides are too long for you, suggests a shorter ride.

So put your name down either this week or week (13th May) I am running a 'Circumcision of Birmingham' ride, which is a long ride at 178kms, so it's a good week for someone to organise a B-run of more normal distance...(B-rides, remember them!). This week we have an Intro leader but no other leaders, so let's have a concerted effort to get 5 people to step forward in the next two weeks...who knows, you may even enjoy it!

Kudos of the week goes to Jon Williams who rode the Majorca312 ride on Saturday, which does exactly what it says on the tin, it's in Majorca and it's 312kms long. Great ride, Jon. Other notables must include John Hunt again, for showing great speed at the Silverstone TT training in the afternoon at Halesowen, after a blisteringly quick 98kms road race in the morning. Well done to all the others at Halesowen also, and well done Jess and Xav for organising. Looks like it'll be a great evening on 15 June with possibly 3 Beacon teams.

Full circle, so, I need 5 names, here or on the other thread for next week! This week's rides are:

A: Malvern - Andy Wrightson
B: Broadway Tower - Ian Taylor (Meet at 08:00 for 08:15 depart)
C: Wyre Forest - Simon Woodward

Intro: Avoncroft Museum Café, led by Dave Cox, Philip Whiteman as support rider.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 18:28
by Simon Woodward
I'll lead a C ride to Wyre Forest.
I had planned to do this earlier in the year but the snow defeated me. The forecast looks much better this time.
The route is here
It's 55 Miles, not flat, but the pace will be nice and steady.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 20:46
by Andy W
As long as the weather is good ill lead an A ride to malvern sunday, its the route stuart while did a while back so a tad lumpy lol, its 87 miles but only have the route on my garmin so carnt post

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 02 May 2018 14:20
by Andy W
Update, i have contacted cafe H20 today and there expecting us

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 02 May 2018 17:22
by Dave Cox
Weather looks good for Sunday's Intro Ride about 30 miles - anyone wanting to try a Beacon Club run will be most welcome, also good way back if you've been resting through the bad weather. It provides an option of a shorter ride and easier pace than the C run leaving you less tired for afternoon commitments !!

Really need to have an experienced support rider. I think bikes are safe at Avonscroft but worth bringing a cafe lock because you can't see them from the Cafe.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 02 May 2018 20:00
by Philip Whiteman
Dave. I currently have the lurgy but hopefully it will have cleared by Sunday, so should be able to give you a hand.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 03 May 2018 09:55
by Dave Cox
Many thanks Phil and I hope you recover soon

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 03 May 2018 12:12
by IanT
I can lead a B run this Sunday - proposing Broadway Tower as the destination and given that it's a round trip of c 70 miles suggest an 8.15am departure from the Black Horse. Will be sticking to text book B run pace so an ideal ride for anyone looking to step up from the C run, build steady mileage or even recover from the previous day's club 25 tt!


Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 03 May 2018 18:02
by WorcsPhil

So we have a full complement of leaders on Sunday, and with a lovely day forecast, round up your neighbours, friends, lovers and nearby celebrities and get down to the Black Horse on Sunday morning and enjoy the marvels of a club run.

These rides will be textbook, with riders so experienced and friendly, they could be 10th in line for the throne, so support them and come along.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 03 May 2018 20:36
by Andy W
Due to time restriction im going to have to now change destinations on sunday from malvern to somewhere like ellenden farm shop the back of evesham, sorry for mess around but last minute thing, ill still do the malvern run but in a week or 2

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 06 May 2018 13:16
by Dave Cox
Intro Ride to Avonscroft

Dave Cox leading
Huan Dong - first ride 2018 welcome back
Ash Pardesi - new rider ready for C run next time!
Derek Reynolds support

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 06 May 2018 15:56
by Andy W
What am amazing day to riding your bike and that being the case todays A run went to harvington ellenden farm shop, there were no incidents apart from my own as hit a pot hole and exploded my rear tire in frankley.
Welcome on a first club ride to Steven tudor and hope to see you on many more.
On todays sunny club run were

Andy wrightson( leading )
John williams
Neil orchard
Steven tudor
Rob wade
Inderjit singn
Lee spiers

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 06 May 2018 16:19
by IanT
Enjoying the absolutely perfect conditions on today’s B run to Broadway Tower were:

Ian Taylor (L)
Matt Regan
John Hitchcock
Martin McGowan
Dom Walker
Andy McGrath
George Barker (meeting us at the cafe)
Omar Hussain (meeting us at the cafe)

Special mention to Matt who rode for around 45 miles on what amounted to a fixed wheel set up after a free hub problem.

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 06 May 2018 18:05
by Simon Woodward
A wonderful day for a gentle ride through the rolling Worcestershire hills. Si Walker pointed out Long Mynd to me at one stage. I think he was trying to suggest we head out over there next time. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.

The riders today were
Neil Evanson
Phil Gameson
Matt Hale
Colin Hall (Peeled off after Kinver)
Richard Henry
George Lazenby
Pete Marshall (Peeled off after Kinver)
Adrian McHugh
David Stephenson
Simon Turner
Martin Vowles
Simon Walker
Will Woodhouse
Simon Woodward (Leading)

Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 07 May 2018 22:05
by Wilvo
I think I was broken yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so tired. Thanks for getting me home!!

Is there somewhere on the forum where I can download the gpx files for popular club runs?

Hope Ade made it back ok.


Re: Club runs - May 6th

Posted: 07 May 2018 23:06
by Simon Woodward
There's a Club Runs Route Database in the Club Runs section, though there's not necessarily a standard route to the cafe. The route I took us to Wyre Forest was new though the route back was fairly standard. I did say it wasn't flat!
Many people do as I did and post their planned route on the message board beforehand. You can normally download the GPX file from whichever website they use.