A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Details of and discussion about club runs

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A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Post by WorcsPhil » 18 Jun 2018 09:23

It's the final quarter of the club run season, but what a three months to end with. High and late summer is made for getting out on your bike and riding with your chums to a far way café to discuss the fundamentals of life. Let's not have small talk about cassette ratios, tyre choices etc, let's talk about religion, bigotry, French politics and Milan fashion week, as well as your top three rides that you'll take to your grave as great moments in your life. Also, how about getting ahead of yourself and volunteering to lead a ride...who knows, you may even enjoy it.

There was even talk of a '100 in as long as it takes' in July or August, i.e. no time limits, and a challenge for those who don't ride this distance regularly...anyone care to lead this?

If you are able to lead a club run or two, please post the date and café destination on this thread.

Note: This purpose of this topic is compile the schedule of club runs. Discussion about individual rides, including rider lists, should be done in a separate thread - one for each Sunday.

01/07/2018 A: Revills café at Defford- Phil Richards B: Evesham - Si Walker C: Intro: Akambas, led by Dave Cox
08/07/2018 A: Leamington Spa - Nick Shenton B: Clows Top - Matt Hale C: Bishampton - Helen Jamieson
15/07/2018 A: 100 in 8 to Leominster - Paul Johnson (07:45 start) B: Draycote Water - James Tate (08:15 start) C:

22/07/2018 A: B: C:
Kidderminster Killer and Clee to Heaven Audax weekend

29/07/2018 A: Destination TBC. Dr Whiteman. B: C:
05/08/2018 A: Possible 200kms ride - Chris Ashford B: C:
12/08/2018 A: B: C: Retro C+ Ride - George Barker
19/08/2018 A: B: C:
26/08/2018 A: B: C:
02/09/2018 A: B: C:
09/09/2018 A: B: C:
16/09/2018 A: B: C:
23/09/2018 A: B: C:
30/09/2018 A: B: C:

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Re: A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Post by George » 18 Jun 2018 09:36

I'll lead a retro+C run this quarter. It'll probably be 12 August; confirmation of the date and other details to follow in the next month or so.

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Re: A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Post by ballintrane » 19 Jun 2018 11:48

I'll lead a 100 in 8 to Leominster on the 15/7 because the cafe closes at 12 noon on a sunday i think we will make this a 07:45am start perfect training ride for the KK the following week. :twisted:
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Re: A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Post by caashford » 25 Jun 2018 11:23

Diary permitting and approval from the organisers, I will lead a 200k on the 5th August "Tramping the Two Loop" Audax.

The plan would be to alter the order of the route to start at Barnt Green - Honeybourne - Banbury - Honeybourne - Barnt Green, rather than the two loops from Honeybourne.


If I can't lead, it might still work out as a nice route on some new roads for others to pick up on.

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Re: A, B and C Club runs July, August and September 2018

Post by Philip Whiteman » 05 Jul 2018 14:55

I'll lead an A run on 29th July. 08.00 for 08.15 departure. Destination TBC; possibly Ilmington, Bringsty, Tenbury or Coalport.
Beacon Audaxes The Kidderminster Killer & From Clee to Heaven 21.7.18; Beyond the Dyke 7.10.18. www.beaconrcc.org.uk/

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