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Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 02 Jul 2018 09:23
by WorcsPhil
Another gloriously sunny morning saw around 35 riders out on club runs, despite there being no C-ride leader coming forward...a great effort. The A-ride went off to Revills farm shop for the first time, and a very pleasant stop it was, highly recommended for another visit. The B-ride seemed to split into 3 different groups and venues, but everyone rode the distance they wanted so why not.

Some notable rides from Beacon members appeared on strava, with racing kudos going to John, Gavin and Laurence, and a long-distance overnight ride from Birmingham to Newcastle from Stuart White confirms to us all that his preparation for the Transcontinental race from Belgium to Greece scheduled for the end of July is going well.

...but top kudos this week goes to George Barker and Dave Hughes. George rode the National 12-hour time trial, yes, that's right, a 12-hour TT, in South Wales and rode 366.5 kms (227miles) in the 12 hours, averaging just shy of 20mph, stopping for only 15mins or so in the 12 hours. This distance is higher than his 2005 Beacon record, but not quite matching the current record of Gary Mason of some 240miles. Simply brilliant, George, and I know this has piqued interest in this type of event in the hearts and minds of the Beacon Randonneurs...we will be pushing you for details when we next see you.

and secondly at the opposite end of the distance spectrum, Dave Hughes. What more can we say about him.. but last Thursday at Newport Track, Dave became the UK Masters National Champion in the 500m TT. Another title for the Hughes family! Huge congratulations, Dave.

With the lovely weather set to continue for another two weeks or so, let's try to get a full set of club run leaders all coming forward....we need three this week!

This weeks rides are:

A: Leamington Spa - Nick Shenton
B: Clows Top - Matt Hale
C: Volunteer required

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 03 Jul 2018 13:37
by Nicks_77
I'll take a steady A Run to Leamington Spa

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 06 Jul 2018 15:54
by NeilL
Nic is it normal 9.15 start time or earlier. Do you have an eta on getting back to BH?

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 06 Jul 2018 18:14
by Matt Hale
I'll lead a B run - destination Clows Top. Should be around 56 miles BH to BH. Route will be something like this

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 07 Jul 2018 10:51
by Hels147
Ill lead a C run, probably to the vale golf course. Am just trying to check with them, so will confirm.

It’ll be a steady pace coz I’ve not been doing much distance riding this year. So that means fast downhill and a snail up! :lol:
The route is the one we did last year. It’s around 50miles and the outward leg is longer than the return so make sure you either have a decent breakfast, or bring some jelly babies if you know there’s a risk you’ll flag!

Also - I will be relying on my garmin, so if anyone else has the route......

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 07 Jul 2018 11:51
by Dave Cox
That's great Helen look forward to tomorrow

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 08 Jul 2018 14:42
by Nicks_77
On today's hot & sweaty A Run to Leamington Spa were:

Nick Shenton (Leading)
Paul (Who didn't moan about anything) Johnson
Neil Lynch
Neil (Celeste) Orchard
Phil Elwell
Jess R Jones
Xav Disley
Dave (Bacon bap thief) Hughes
Alan Weaver
Joe Warwood
Niall Harris
Richard Henry

Only one minor incident to note was a slow speed crash between Joe & Alan near the cafe stop. Joe came off with a scuffed leg & Alan has unfortunately sustained some damage to his bike.

And, apologies to Richard who we lost contact with after the stop at the shop for drinks on the way back. Myself & Dave did go back and look for you but couldn't see you.

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 08 Jul 2018 14:49
by Hels147
Had a lovely, steady paced C run to vale golf course today, with no incidents, other than the usual impatient drivers *sigh*. The bacon sandwiches were as nice as I remembered, and the company was great.
We met a few at the cafe and we split into two groups on the way back. One was faster, and included a couple of A
Run ringers ;;-) , and the other one was a more sedate pace in this heat. :lol:

Helen jamieson (lead)
Chris Ashford
Andy wrightson
Mat jones
Dave cox
Dave little
Dave Stephenson
Neil evanson
Adrian mchugh
Mark mcconkey
Mark Gardner
Mike balenski
Ashutosh Pardesi
Andy terry (cafe)
Colin Lowe (cafe)
Sue pemberton (cafe)
Derek Reynolds (black horse)
Evie peat (black horse)

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 08 Jul 2018 14:51
by Dave Cox
Many thanks Helen a lovely ride

Re: Club runs - 8th July

Posted: 08 Jul 2018 16:55
by Matt Hale
On the incident free B ride to Clows Top:

Matt Hale (L)
Toby Hale
John Roberts
Judy Smart
Si Walker
Simon Woodward

Well done everyone...a tough route in the heat