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Club runs - 23rd December

Posted: 17 Dec 2018 09:33
by WorcsPhil
Ice Ice Baby

A set of dangerous rides headed out on Sunday with 18 riders on board. Despite forecasts suggesting ice had largely gone, it hadn’t and there were a number of crashes. On the A-Ride, 5 of the 6 people fell on ice patches with me and Neil Lynch creasing on the way to the Black Horse and 3 others all falling in Caunsall in a perfect a patch of black ice that you could ever imagine. There were also crashes on the B Run and elsewhere.

The message from this is clear...just as you would hear at midnight outside the pubs of Britain when a fight is about to break out, “it’s not worth it” yes, please be safe and don’t go out when there is ice about. There are normally clues as to when you shouldn’t ride, the BBC weather forecast, ice on NIck Shenton’s flat roof, your pet frogs putting on their boots, cows lying down, cows standing up (I can never remember) etc...whatever measure you use, better be on the safe side.

...and hey, get me, advising riders not to ride club runs!

And so to this week. It’s the traditional Christmas ride to the Swan at Chaddesley Corbett. Doors open at noon, and it would be good if we can see lots of us there, either via club runs from the Black Horse or making your own way on your Christmas llamas. Why not put tinsel on your bike, wear those cycling-specific Christmas jumpers and come along.

This week’s rides are:

A/B Chaddesley via Rowberrys cafe - Phil Richards, leaving at normal time of 09:15, ice permitting!!
B/C Chaddesley via Jinney Ring - Matt Hale, also leaving at 09:15

Re: Club runs - 23rd December

Posted: 17 Dec 2018 21:45
by Matt Hale
I'll lead a ride, weather permitting, to the Jinney Ring café, then onto Chaddesley Corbett. Route optimised to ensure that we get to the Swan for first orders! 😁🍻

Re: Club runs - 23rd December

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 21:21
by Andy Terry
WorcsPhil wrote:
17 Dec 2018 09:33
...whatever measure you use, better be on the safe side.
Stay alive, wait for five (5C that is)

Re: Club runs - 23rd December

Posted: 23 Dec 2018 17:03
by WorcsPhil
On the A-run this morning to a soggy Chaddesley Corbett were in alphabetical order...

Diane Abbott MP
Chris Ashford
Ben Crone
Richard Leaper
Neil Orchard
Phil Richards (leading)
Alex Rybinski
Nick Shenton
Alan Weaver
Philip Whiteman
Andy Wrightson

Good to see everyone out at the Swan... If you were there, you get a point...and Merry Christmas everyone!

Re: Club runs - 23rd December

Posted: 23 Dec 2018 21:23
by Matt Hale
On the B run to the Swan via Jinney Ring Café:

Matt Hale (L)
Toby Hale
Pete Norman
Mark Russell, and...all the Si's
Si Turner
Si Walker
Si Woodward

Merry Christmas everybody!