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Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 10:53
by WorcsPhil
Amazingly, nine people ventured out in the permafrost on Sunday for a club run. Top kudos to all and hope your feet have defrosted....but wait, the temperatures are on the rise and we may get huge numbers this week, so just like when wasps all seem to come out of their paper houses at the same time when the temp rises, we can expect riders in their yellow and black tops buzzing into the car park at the Black Horse this Sunday...especially when you see and read just what excitement is in store. Neil and George are heading out south east, so why not join them, and hey, C-riders...why not volunteer to lead and complete the set.

This week's rides are;

A: Warwick - Neil Orchard
B: Charlecote - George Barker
C: Volunteer leader required

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 17:19
by George
I'll post a route tomorrow. It's going to a pretty slow B run, I'm afraid. Alternatively, since we currently have no C leader, I could take the C run if anyone else fancies doing the B. Looks like being a rainy morning on Sunday, so if not many show up at the BH, maybe we could merge B & C at an intermediate pace? Perhaps the whole thing had better be played by ear.

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 09 Feb 2019 13:41
by Hels147
Beaconette’s Saturday ride!

An architect, a project manager, a planning engineer and a civil engineer all met up at the black horse on a Saturday morning... sounds like the beginning of a joke, but I can assure you the ladies rides are no joke!

4 of us were on the ride today and it took till about half way round to realise we’re all construction professionals!! It was a good ride with no incidents, it was slower than normal due to the wind. It felt like I was going backwards on occasion, especially as I’ve not been on my bike in over 2 weeks! It was a tad tough. Lol.

Anyway, on the ride were

Helen Jamieson (lead)
Sandy Henshaw
Naomi Fisher
Katie Chesworth

I think Carolyn is back to lead next week. I can’t lead coz I’m getting my hair done. <@>

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 09 Feb 2019 21:08
by George
Sunday's B run, or maybe Sunday's C run, or maybe Sunday's B+C run, will be to Charlecote Garden Centre. It's 88km (55 miles) of rolling terrain, which I'm aiming to cover at about 24kph (15mph) if it's a B run, or 22kph (13 to 14mph) if it's a C run. So that's about four 3h40m or 4h00m riding, with a return to the Black Horse at 1:45 to 14:00 all being well).

- Route on Strava
- Route on BikeHike

Looks like being cool, with sunshine and showers, but thankfully much less wind than the last few days.

I've been pretty busy this week just gone and consequently never got round to calling the café to warn them that we're coming. Hopefully that won't be a problem on a wet Sunday in February. If by any chance it is an issue, we might try Wellesbourne.

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 15:18
by neilo
10 of us on the A run today which looked like it was going to be a soggy one at first, it rained for about the first half hour then a yellow thing appeared in the sky!
Just 1 flat which was when we'd stopped at the cafe and Neil Lynch had a small problem with his mudguard (cable ties to the rescue)
Riders were
Phil Gameson
Ka Li
Neil Lynch
Neil Orchard (leading)
Phil Richards
Nic Shenton
Spencer Tapia
Vince Tennant
Rob Wade
Andy Wrightson
Cheers everyone!

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 16:19
by PhilG
Thanks for the ride today Neil, in particular for pulling us back home against a pretty fierce headwind.

Normally I am nearly have way down an alphabetical list - not used to being at the top!

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 18:17
by George
On today's B run (which the stats say was actually a C run) were:

Brett Henshaw
Claire Fudge
Finbarr Costigan
George Barker (L)
Matt Hale
Pete Norman
Simon Walker
Simon Turner
Toby Hale

It was fun in a cold, wet, uncomfortable, exhausting sort of way. Thanks for your company all, and apologies for the pedestrian pace.

Re: Club Runs - 10th February

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 21:18
by Si_Walker
Thanks George for leading, the conditions were rather extraordinary given that we must have ridden though several floods and a small river.