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Post by Philip Whiteman » 06 May 2019 17:04

I have observed that our club runs are becoming very sloppy in terms of shouted warnings. I fear for a increased number of accidents or cyclists be dropped. So this is a reminder that all club run participants must SHOUT warnings and alerts during a ride. Everyone must REPEAT A SHOUT down the chain of riders, don't just leave it to one person. Don't remain silent as it is your job to ensure that others are safe too.

- “Car up & Car down” – A general warning of a car trying to pass or one coming around a corner or one coming towards you on a narrow road. If a car is coming towards you, call “Car down”. If a car is coming up from behind call “Car up” to warn the riders ahead of you.

- “Easy” – If this is shouted it usually means there is a bad junction or potential hazard ahead and to pay attention yourself, it’s often very easy to rely on the ride leaders to warn you of pending problems in the road. This is especially important if you are in a large group and it will take a while to get around the hazard. "Easy on the Front" can also be useful to warn lead riders to slow down if they are pressing the pace too hard.

- “Single out” – When a car is behind and needs extra space to overtake, or if the group is approaching a narrow road or overtaking a line of parked cars.

- “On the left”– When approaching a parked car, this is also accompanied by waving your left hand behind your left buttock. Remember to give the car plenty of space as car doors will often be opened.

- “Hole” – When there is a hole or other object in the road that needs to be avoided, this is accompanied by pointing down to the floor in line with the obstruction and moving steadily to the side to avoid this.

- “Clear” – When pulling out from a junction this is called to inform riders behind that it is safe to carry on. If it is not safe, either shout “Stop” or “Car”.

- "Stopping" - as it says on the tin but give plenty of time for others to respond.

- "Off-the- back" This is very important when other riders have been dropped off the back. The warning should be communicated through the group quickly. Also, the dropped riders should attempt to make themselves ahead to the group ahead.

- "Punct-ure" or "Mechanical" You or somebody else has a flat tyre and the group should stop to wait whilst the problem is resolved.

martin mc
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Post by martin mc » 10 May 2019 22:02

Excellent advice all around Phil. Please everyone shout up, don’t rely on someone else to relay the calls along.

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