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What do B runners want to do on 19/5?

Posted: 07 May 2019 16:30
by George
I'm down to lead the B run on 19 May. I fancy doing something a bit different, i.e. a hundred-in-eightish. That would be 160km (100mi) at roughly 26kph (>16mph), implying >6 hours' riding, plus 2 stops = 8 hours BH to BH. However, there's no point in me leading such a ride if I'm (almost) the only one who fancies it. So I'd like to gauge interest. If you think you might be doing a B run on the 19th, please indicate a preference above.
A few notes:
1. The proposal is weather-dependent; I'm not doing a hundred-in-eightish if the forecast is very poor.
2. If there's a big majority in favour of one option, that's what I'll lead on the 19th. If there are good numbers interested in both, maybe we'll investigate the possibility of running both (e.g. combined run to stop #1, second leader then brings home the short run, while the long run continues to stop #2).
3. I'm labelling the proposal a hundred-in-eightish, because I'm not going to bust a gut to stay inside 8 hours BH to BH. If it's a tough day, or someone's struggling, we'll ride more slowly... and I won't be hurrying my bacon sarnie.

Re: What do B runners want to do on 19/5?

Posted: 10 May 2019 07:30
by Simon Woodward
This looks like a great idea George.
I'm surprised no one has voted yet. Unfortunately I'll be plodding my way through Wales that weekend so better not vote.. _Q

Re: What do B runners want to do on 19/5?

Posted: 10 May 2019 09:56
by Philip Whiteman
George. You are fundamentally missing the point on what B runners really want to do. They want to enter the Beacon's Clee to Heaven audax on 20th July.

Re: What do B runners want to do on 19/5?

Posted: 15 May 2019 10:37
by George
Clearly, I shall have to review my approach to the use of deodorant.

In view of a) the general apathy and b) the fact that the route I had in mind clashes with the route of the Worcester marathon, I think the 100-in-eightish idea will be shelved. I may refloat it later in the year. This weekend will be a standard B run heading south-east to avoid the marathon. Details in the main thread in the next day or two.