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Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 11:00
by WorcsPhil
Only 8 riders out for the last week of the club run season, and it was dry! At least overhead, the lanes were very wet.. All three leaders turned up, so we amalgamated into one ride for a blast down to Cobhouse.

The new club run season is upon us, so what could be better than to get into an early lead in this exciting competition by leading in the first week or two. Please post when you can lead on the October/November/December thread, it would be good to populate this early...if I can do it, then so can you.

You will see that we have organised a rota of C-ride destinations for the first 8 weeks to encourage more and different leaders to come forward. Pete Norman will be happy to support you, so why not say yes to a lead...we really couldn't make it easier unless we put you on the back of a tandem with Paul Johnson on the front. Now there's a thought for a charity dare! :D

Anyway, it is also the South Salopian Beacon Audax this coming Saturday which may reduce the number club riders out on Sunday, so if you're not riding or volunteering at Philip Whiteman's extravaganza, then come along on Sunday.

This week's ride should fill up in the week:

A: Destination and leader required
B: Warwick - Phil Gameson
C: Hillers Cafe - Pete Norman

...and as it's the first Sunday of the month:
Intro ride: Earlswood - Dave Cole

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 20:44
by David Cole
I'll lead the Introductory ride to Earlswood - same venue as last month but a different route


Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 04 Oct 2019 16:35
by PeteNorman
C Ride,
it's Hillers from the main list,
it's forecast showers, light wind,
I'll be there either to support another leader or if no volunteers, then ride along with me!
remember 'Volunteering makes you happier!'
Please post if you are going to lead.

Paul Balfe
Finbarr Costigan
John Hitchcock
Anne Hughes
Claire Inglis (Stoker)
David Little
Geoff Mann
Pete Norman (Lead)
Vince Tennant ( Pilot)
Andy Wrightson

Next weeks C ride suggested route is to Worcester Country Park
Put your name down to lead when Phil posts for next week or post your own route - volunteering makes you happy!

Happy Pete

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 11:32
by PhilG
I will lead a B run to Warwick.
It will be around 55 miles, relatively flat and not too quick.
I was going to use one of the Steve Smith routes on the Club Runs database, but I cannot currently get the links to work.
I will post a route later if I can.

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 11:45
by PhilG
I have managed to find a link that works:

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 14:31
by PhilG
Despite the weather forecast it was dry today, at least as far as precipitation went. However, the roads were very wet in places, with a little bit of flooding. The route was slightly shorter than advertised as I forgot to do the loop through Rowney Green on the outward leg.
We went to the Tilted Wig instead of the Tuckery for a change - very sophisticated, it even has loos!
Coming back into Northfield a car tried to overtake us at a junction which I was turning right on, narrowly avoiding colliding with a car coming out of the junction.
On today's ride were:
Phil Gameson
Matt Hale
Neil Orchard
Si Turner
Si Walker

The ride was a bit quicker than I expected (particularly bearing in mind a strong headwind on the way back).

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 16:30
by neilo
Thanks for leading today Phil, the driver of that car apologised when I caught him up (still drove like an arsehole though!) Cheers for the company everyone.

Re: Club Runs - 6th October

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 18:11
by David Cole
Intro Ride to Earlswood - lovely day easy pace.
David Cole (leader)
Bryony Aitken

Phil can you confirm that I am now the leader in the competition for the 2020 club run points trophy