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Club Runs - 10th November

Posted: 04 Nov 2019 10:46
by WorcsPhil
Another sunny Sunday saw just under 30 riders out on the 4 rides. Thanks, as always to Nick, Phil, Finbarr and Dave for leading the rides through the puddles. There are 4 active club members called 'Phil' and all lead club runs regularly, so I guess we need to recruit more Philberts and Philomena's into the club...a fine example to us all.

Anyway, talking of Phil, don't have an empty life (see what I did there? :D ) and never lead, why not step forward this weekend for more fun and frolics...

This week's rides are:

A: Wellesbourne - Phil Richards
B: Volunteer required
C: Worcester Country Park using the route below - Pete Norman
Hope to see you there...

Re: Club Runs - 10th November

Posted: 04 Nov 2019 11:00
by WorcsPhil
This week's A-run will be to Wellesbourne, because...well, why not?

Using this route:

Shortish at a day for any B riders to step up if they wish... no one gets dropped, except people who whizz off the front allowing me to turn off unannounced :o

Re: Club Runs - 10th November C-Run

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 16:39
by PeteNorman
I'll lead C-Run to Worcester Country Park on Sunday, slight variation to published route to take in St. Kenelms down and Up Mearse - 52 miles - 3100'
Or maybe put St Kenelms to a vote! Happy to accommodate B Riders if no one wants to lead a B - run.

See y'all

Neil Evanson
John Hitchcock
Dave Little
Pete Norman (Lead)
Ewan Ross
Mark Russell
Vince Tennant
Simon Turner
Si Walker
Will Woodhouse

Many thanks, I’m away next weekend so don’t be backward in coming forward!

Re: Club Runs - 10th November

Posted: 10 Nov 2019 15:29
by WorcsPhil
... and on a beautiful winter’s day, the A-ride consisted of, in alphabetical order

The Rt Hon Sir John Bercow, MP, Speaker of the House
Fenella Brown
Jasper Davies - first time riding with the Beacon
Paul Johnson
Neil Lynch
Phil Richards (Leading)
Nick Shenton
John Williams
Andy Wrightson

Welcome to Jasper, who ride strongly throughout, and an immaculately observed 2-min silence in the cafe from us all at 11am. Sir John keep good order throughout.

Thanks all

Re: Club Runs - 10th November

Posted: 10 Nov 2019 18:02
by Macco
Many thanks to Pete who lead the "c" run & managed to get me out on this, my first club run since December last year.