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Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 06 Jan 2020 14:30
by WorcsPhil
An excellent Sunday in one way as we had 35 riders out on the 4 runs, and the weather was fine for early January, but you may have read about idiot drivers on the A-ride yesterday, causing Andy to crash into another rider, hit the road and receive minor injuries. These incidents are rare, but close passes and impatient drivers are an occupational hazard of cycling, I really hope that no one is put off by this. Certainly have and display cameras if you have them, and stick together riding sensibly to minimise any risk.

We used to have Matt Regan with us on a few club runs, and if any driver had stopped to remonstrate with a cyclist for have the temerity to ride on a road in front of them, he would have lifted him up and deposited him upside down on a park railing as an example to others. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT recommending this as club policy of course, but thankfully, most idiot drivers just like to feel strong when they're in a car...

So please carry on cycling, but be aware of bad drivers, don't antagonise them, but film them if you have chance. Many of us cyclists are also car drivers of course, which makes us despair even more.

...and so to this week...hopefully the weather will hold and the advantages and humour of a good bike ride wins through. This week's rides are:

A: Clives of Cropthorne - Phil Richards
B: Beacon Burst 15-16mph ride with no coffee stop - Gemma Johnson (note: this ride LEAVES at 9am, so get there early!)
C: Lavender Hall - Pete Norman

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 06 Jan 2020 22:49
by Gemma_j1983
I’ll lead a ride,
I’ll be doing the red lion route... it’s about 35ish miles.
If you can have the route on your garmin / wahoo that would be good... I have a habit of getting lost in these things
Prob about 15-16 Mph... quicker is there are quick people.
Leaving black horse at 9.00 so meet at 8.45

No stopping

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 08 Jan 2020 08:47
by Dave Cox
Phil, William Gibson has a new book out later in January

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 09:00
by Philip Whiteman
Lumbago sounds like a Cuban dance move but it also means withdrawing from Sunday's club run. Whilst I am not incapacitated, I would prefer to ride at my own speed/distance subject to back recovery.

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 14:44
by PeteNorman
I'll lead C Ride to Lavender Hall Fisheries - - 50 miles
Paul Balfe
Helen Colson
Finbarr Costigan
Neil Evanson
Colin Hall
Pete Norman Lead
Mark Russell
Andy Terry
Simon Turner
Rob Wade

One more push and we’ll be home by Xmas!

Soggy start, one missing in action, packed cafe, one late breakfast, one f**t, all home safe, late, Oscar nomination!
Oh and one hangover apparently.

I will support Andy’s proposal at committee that WhatsApp groups for each A, B & C rides be established to facilitate in-ride communication. I propose that this should only be used for in ride communication, ie lost riders, not general chit chat or as a replacement for the message board or Facebook. Riders should ensure they join. It’s not compulsory but would help those of us that lead the larger group rides. I’d be happy to act as administrator for the C ride WhatsApp group. The details of this should be in the preamble to each weeks ride posting. Try it for period?

Or we could just ensure that the lead rider is told when anyone is off the back!


Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 17:05
by WorcsPhil
Sorry to hear that, Phil...

I'll step in and lead the A-ride and retain Philip Whiteman's proposed destination of Clives of Cropthorne, as it's quite a new venue...hope that's alright with you, Phil, but it saves me having to think.

Route something similar to this...

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 20:04
by Philip Whiteman
Thanks Phil. :) Don't forget that you are due to deliver your talk on post-modernist interpretations of postcultural theory in the works of Barkerism

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 07:53
by Gemma_j1983
Sorry need to pull out! No ride from me!

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 12:33
by Si_Walker
In the absence of Gemma the Beacon Burst went on a loop to Belbroughton, Elmbridge, Stoke Prior and Alvechurch; riders were as follows;

Fenella Brown
Noel O'Dwyer
Si Walker (Leading)

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 15:47
by WorcsPhil
A traditional A-ride this morning, which ventured out to Clive's of Cropthorne. Other drivers behaved themselves and there were no incidents. It was very cold and wet for the first 50mins, but then the clouds cleared and it was quite a lovely day (after Nick Shenton and James Tate downed tools and headed for home).

On the ride were (in alphabetical order)

Paul Johnson
Neil Lynch
Phil Richards (Leading)
Nick Shenton
James Tate
Vince Tennant
Andy Wrightson
The Duchess of Sussex

Unfortunately, although I raised the discussion subject that you proposed Phil, the other riders insisted that we discussed the Iranian conflict, the wider Middle East context, and what it means for us as cyclists.

Perhaps your subject is for another day....

Re: Club Runs - 12th January

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 20:13
by Macco
Heart felt apologies to Pete & the other C riders for getting lost following a comfort stop, making everyone late. Unfortunately, I got home in plenty of time to watch my team get mauled 6-1 by Man. City! I think I'll take an early night before my day gets any worse. Mark.