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Storm replacement Club Runs. Saturday 8th Feb

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 13:20
by Philip Whiteman
With the stormy forecast for Sunday, Pete and I will be taking the following [unofficial] club runs from the Black Horse at 0915 on Saturday 8th Feb. The shorter than usual A + B run is down to (i) my lack of fitness (ii) the wind building in from midday.

C Run . Droitwich - Pete Norman
A + B Run. Churchfields, Salwarpe - Philip Whiteman

*PW leaving run at Drayton on way home

Re: Storm replacement Club Runs. Saturday 8th Feb

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 12:46
by Philip Whiteman

On today's Anti Apocalyptic A/B Club Run

Paul Johnson (peeled off)
George Thorne
Philip Whiteman (L)
Neil Evanson
Edwyn Ralph

As this was a last minute proposal, I really suspected that Pete and I would turn out today. So was surprised that others turned out across both rides.

As somebody who is prematurely senile, I forget the route and wandered several miles off course. We opted to use to the Nursery Tea Room in Crowle instead. It was open and the lights were on but Kay was not to be seen anywhere. So off we toddled to join the other anti-apocalysts in Droitwich. The Sandwych Corner Cafe was superb with stunning breakfasts and would be a great club run destination but they are sadly shut on Sundays.

George Thorne lent his thorne (sic) to Neil resulting in a flat tyre. This happened along Phil Richard's road thus demonstrating his clear inadequacy as chairman and inability to ensure trouble free cycling on lanes. That is the sort of behaviour that hinders any chance of the Beacon meeting its aspiration for world domination.

Superb weather conditions with blue skies and warming sunshine. Great company. Tomorrow we shall be smug at home thinking about cyclists riding through the apocalyptic weather conditions.

Thanks to Pete for suggesting rides today and a great cafe destination.