Beacon events and Covid19 - Update on 3rd June

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Beacon events and Covid19 - Update on 3rd June

Post by WorcsPhil » 03 Jun 2020 11:13

Hi all,

just a quick update from us about re-starting Beacon events as we emerge from lockdown.

As you may be aware, advice has been patchy, and we have been taking our lead from Cycling UK who have confirmed that the most recent advice from 1st June is that there is no limit on the duration, frequency or the distance you can ride your bike, and that groups of up to 6 cyclists are allowed, subject to social distancing rules.

They go on to say that organiser's liabilities are invalid if cycling clubs arranges large scale events and/or large group rides, which means that unfortunately we are still a few weeks away from re-starting club runs, academy events, races, audaxes or time trials. In short, we are not commencing Beacon activities just yet, but we are keeping a close watch on official advice from cycling UK and Audax UK so that we can re-start official Beacon rides as soon as possible.

There may be some opportunity to re-start time trials soon given their independent riding nature, as long as start/finish arrangements are put in place, and we will update you on this as thoughts are finalized in the TT community.

Similarly, although groups of six are now permissible, we are not re-starting any official club runs just yet, due to the potential of having larger groups turning up and the lack of open cafes (although great to see some opening up for takeaways).

So carry on riding independently, meet up with your friends for social(ly distanced) riding, get fit and hopefully, we'll all be back together on official Beacon events sooner rather than later.


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Re: Beacon events and Covid19 - Update on 3rd June

Post by Philip Whiteman » 03 Jun 2020 11:56

What about Rendezvoux Club Runs whereby individuals or small groups all meet at a given location such as a café with takeaway facilities. Riders would make their own way to the rendezvous and maintain 2m distance whilst eating cakes or 200m if Paul Johson is speaking at full volume?

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