Beacon 'new normal' Club Runs are back on Sunday July 19th

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Beacon 'new normal' Club Runs are back on Sunday July 19th

Post by WorcsPhil » 09 Jul 2020 16:49

Hi all,

On July 7th, the Beacon RCC committee agreed to initiate a phased return of organised club runs, following updated advice from the relevant governing bodies. This decision will be continuously reviewed and activities will be suspended again if we judge activities to be unsafe or if advice from government and from cycling’s governing bodies changes.

However, in the meantime, we intend to dab our first toes into the water and start club runs on Sunday July 19th and ANY day after this date (usually a Sunday, but club runs on Saturdays or other days are permissible if these are more convenient for you), however, given the current rules on groups no larger than six, our initial plan is to:

1. Phil to open up discussions on a Monday on the message board for volunteers to lead rides for the following Sunday.

2. Ride leader (volunteer) starts a new topic with ride information in the Subject: day, date, start time, meeting point, destination, distance and pace e.g. Sunday 19th July 9.15 BH; B-ride to Worcester Woods, 50 miles; (15mph)

3. Ride leader to add further detail and if possibly a link to the route in the topic. You can start anytime between 07:30 and 10am (it doesn't have to be 09:15), just be clear when you want to meet

4. I will pin these threads for the current week so they are at the top of the screen

5. Riders reply to the thread asking to join (leader occasionally updates the OP with the names). Please note that:
- riders should take time to consider their availability fully before rushing in and entering rides
- Riders shall only be booked on one ride on any given day. I will remove subsequent bookings
- Riders who regularly register for rides and pull out at the last minute will be flagged and only allowed to enter via the reserve list unless there is a very good medical reason
- Reserving spaces on rides 'just in case I can make it' is pretty morally bankrupt, so don't register until you're pretty sure you'll be there
- Please book for yourself, rather than say... 'me and my 4 buddies will ride with you this week!'

6. Leader marks it as 'RIDE FULL' when 5 others have signed up. Note, it is not right just to turn up and join this group if it is full, if you're determined to ride, start another thread with you as leader and with a different start time.

7. Anyone can lead a ride

8. Full members or prospective members only, i.e. we welcome people who want to give club rides a go but are not yet a member...don't forget, renew your membership if you have lapsed or become a new member, it's only £15 !!

9. Rides on a given day should have different destination and/or start time and/or pace.

10. You can ride to a café, but be aware that many are still not open, so check beforehand or aim for a café with plenty of outside space, or a nearby Co-op or Spar, or indeed, suggest a non-stop Beacon Burst.

11. New riders must give their contact details to the ride leader in case of any Covid diagnosis.

12. The club has invested in some 30 or 40 of write-your-own ICE cards (In case of emergency), which will be handed out from time to time to those interested. These are yours to keep and provide info on who to contact if you ever need it.

We will start all this next week (July 19th), but I have already suggested a Beacon Bakers Dozen from Ilmington to Winchcombe on that date, (see separate thread), and everybody is invited to ride solo or in small groups on that day out, so that we can socialise in painful isolation...but if you can't make that and need to stay local, then consider leading these 'new normal' club runs.

If Government guidance changes on group size and or social-distancing, we may change our approach again, but these are our first tentative steps to having club runs again, so it will be great if the more philanthropic of you step forward to lead using the rules outlined above.

Hope to see you all soon.

Beacon Chairperson

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