New Normal Club Runs - Sunday 27th September

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New Normal Club Runs - Sunday 27th September

Post by WorcsPhil » 21 Sep 2020 09:39

Hi all,

We had SIX club rides out on Sunday...pretty good, eh? Each aligning nicely to the new rules of six, so thanks for the leaders for stepping forward and all other riders for coming along.

I'm hearing of a crash on one of our rides, it seems as if a rider was just too close to another rider and came down. Although I don't know the particular details of this incident, it's good to remember TWO basic club rules when riding together.

- We're not professional cyclists, so there is no need to ride inches behind another cyclist, give yourself and the rider in front a yard at least, you'll still get some aero benefit. Micro-seconds do not matter on club runs!

- Please don't ever ride with overlapping wheels or halfwheeling people who are riding next to you or in front, it only takes a slight sideways movement from one of the riders and someone goes down.

So please don't take offence if an experienced rider asks you to avoid riding in the two ways above, they are only looking out for the safety of the group.

Hope the rider is ok, but crashes are pretty rare on our rides, so keep it safe everyone.

Anyway, as long as the Govt rules don't change again, club runs will continue as we are...please post in a separate thread if you can lead next week.

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