New Normal Club Runs - Sunday 4th October

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New Normal Club Runs - Sunday 4th October

Post by WorcsPhil » 28 Sep 2020 11:10

So that's it, the end of another club run season. I will total the scores up and post the final club run scores in a day or two....and what a season it was, except for the four months when it wasn't. We can't guarantee that we won't have another enforced break of course, but we will continue whilst we can within the guidelines.

But wait, the new club run season starts on Sunday - no close season for us, so this is your chance to get into an early lead in the 2020/2021 club run season. Why not offer to lead this coming Sunday, playing by the new rules of course.

Don't forget everyone, if there is a café stop planned, take your mask or Beacon face covering, as you have to use them when entering the premises and when moving around, but not whilst seated.

Please post in a separate thread if you can lead a ride, post details of the ride on that thread, and mark as RIDE FULL when there are six of you.

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