Even-newer normal Club Runs - Sunday 13th December

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Even-newer normal Club Runs - Sunday 13th December

Post by WorcsPhil » 07 Dec 2020 09:44

Hi all, wonderful weather to welcome back club runs, eh?

Huge thanks to Philip Whiteman for organising the Salt and Cotswolds Audax on Saturday. There were 30 riders, with six from Beacon, so a decent turnout given the wintry forecast. Those of us on Philip Whiteman's Saturday audax had the better of the weekend, cold, but dry and sunny...not like Sunday! I read of hypothermia on the message board on one of our rides, as well as happening elsewhere in the audax world, and it's a great reminder that even on non-stop Beacon Bursts, any mechanical or unscheduled stop can get you very cold in minutes, particularly when it's raining. Always a good idea to layer up, keep warm and even have an emergency layer for such events...space blankets can crush down to about the same size as a packet of maltesers, so keep the chocolate, but add an emergency layer, particularly for solo cycling adventures.

Anyway, it's the AGM (7-8pm) and Awards night (8-9pm) on Thursday via Zoom. All CURRENT members will have received an email invite, so have your tea early, pour yourself a brew and join in to see what the club has done this year in the AGM from 7pm, and to celebrate the award winners from 8pm...

Tragically, it is Martyn Gall's funeral on Friday, and the processional route will be put on line later this week for people to pay their personal tributes along this route before the family private ceremony.

Finally, club runs are still ok for next Sunday, but remember, non-stop Beacon Bursts or shop-stop rides only please. No cafes to be used until we all move down a tier or two. Post in a separate thread if you can lead and mark as RIDE FULL when there are SIX of you.


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